That Day At The Bakery

Alex is just your average girl. One day she decided to go to a bakery and she bumped into a guy called Harry. Harry really likes Alex but she has a boyfriend. read to find out what happens...


15. Long day at the hospital.

Harry's POV

she was asleep.  I felt my heart stop when I got the phone call telling me what has happened.

it was all my fault. I shouldn't have let her go.  She's my everything.

if I ever found out someone hurt her, I would flip. 

I really love her.  I never left her side since she has been in the hospital. 

Alex's parents came in with some pizza.

"has Alex woke up yet? Her mother asked.

"Yes." I replied.

"thank god!" Her father said relieved.

"Mom?" I heard Alex say.

"baby!" Her mother ran and hugged her. 

"Ouch mom, your squeezing to hard" she laughed.

"I'm sorry." She apologised. 

"Hi daddy." Alex smiled.

"hi honey" he said taking her hand.

"you hungry?" He mother asked?

"yes!" She yelled.

i laughed.

I handed Alex a piece of pizza. 

We sat there eating pizza and talking for an hour or so.

just then the doctor cam in.

Alex's POV 

I got instantly nervous.

"hi, Alex how are you feeling?" Dr. Boe asked.

"I'm fine, just a bit sore." I smiled.

He just asked me a bunch of questions like,

"were you with anyone."

"are you okay?"

"what's your blood type?"

after he was done with all the questions, he said I could go whenever I would like as long as I 

got a wheelchair.

"are you ready to go?" Harry asked me.

"yes." I replied.



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