That Day At The Bakery

Alex is just your average girl. One day she decided to go to a bakery and she bumped into a guy called Harry. Harry really likes Alex but she has a boyfriend. read to find out what happens...


11. Date turned to trouble

Harry's POV


I had on a Black blazer, white dress shirt, black bow tie and dark blue skinny jeans.

It was 6:58 when I arrived at Alex's place. I knocked on the door. A few seconds after After I knocked Alex's little sister, Renee,  thats about 5 answered the door. "Hi!" she smiled.

" Is Alex here?" I asked. "ALEX!!! YOUR BOYFRIEND IS HERE!!!" She literally screamed.

I saw Alex walk up the stairs in her short white dress. She looked so beautiful.

She was wearing converse with her dress. I love it when girls where dress and converse.

"Jadah, I'm going out!" Alex yelled.

Thank god!" She replied.

Alex just rolled her eyes. We walked out to my Range Rover.

When we got in I turned on the Radio.

What makes you beautiful came on. I started to dance in my seat while I was drivng.

Alex's was laughing. Then I Started to sing along to it.

"Harry, I love you." She smiled.

"I love you too, babe." I smiled back.

We finally got to the restauant. It was an expensive and fancy one.

I wanted to impress Alex. When we walked in Alex gasped in amazment. "Harry this is Amazing!" She said looking around.

I just smiled. The waitress led us to our reserved seats. "Anything to drink?" She asked.

"I'll have a coke." I said.

"me too" Alex said.

The waitress wrote it down and left.

After we got our food and ate it we decided to leave. We got into my Range Rover and started to drive.

Alex's POV

"want to go to the beah house, the boys and Danielle and Eleanor are there, perrie couldn't make it, she's on tour." Harry asked me.

"sure!" I replied.

we got to the beach and it was 12:30. Everyone was drinking.

It was not long after we all got drunk including me and Harry except Liam.

At 4:00am, Niall suggested we gofor a walk. We all agreed before we left I changed into one of Harry's sweaters and a pair of Danielle's sweat pants.

Author's note

this part is based on a different fanfic I read i cant remeber the name, Although based on it, not all of it is, just some parts, but I changed it up a bit. comment and like for more and longer chapters :) xxx.



 The streets were empty. Louis being the clever guy he is brought a bottle of vodka and we all passed it around. We were being really loud. like screaming, yelling, laughing, smashing beer bottles.

We were being quite rebellious until we heard a siren. "run!" Zayn shouted. Harry grabbed

my hand and pulled me in an alley behind a dumpster. We say a flightlight beam past us.

Harry put his hand over my mouth because I was laughing. "I see you over there!" the cop said.

"Oh shit!" Harry yelled while runninng into a nearby building.

After a while the cop ran past the building. It was pitch black and me and Harry scrambled around trying to find a light switch. I found one and flicked it on. I gasped at the sight.

"oh my god." Harry whispered.

"Is this a candy shop?!" I questioned not believing my sight.

just then harry yelled "WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" and ran off to the chocolate bars.

This must be the old candy shop that shut down last year.

All of the candy must be still good. I realized I had a backpack on filled with alcohol, Another one of louis "clever" ideas.

I dumped out all of the beverages and ran around the isles filling my bag full of chocolate and candy.

"Alex?" I heard Harry.

I turned around to see Harry on one knee with a chocolate heart in his hand that said be mine on it.

"be mine?" He asked smiling. I took the heart.

"Always." I smiled.

He gave me a peck on the lips and hugged him. just then I got a text from Eleanor saying, "no more cops, we walked home, coming?"

"I think i'll walk to my house." I replied.

she replied with "ok ttyl."

I put my phone in my back pocket alone with the chocolate heart Harry gave me.

"Harry can you walk me home?" I asked giving him puppy dog eyes.

"Of corse, babe."

We were walking. "today was the best date i've ever been on, thank you."

"Anytime." He smiled.

"can you sleep at my house tonight?" I asked.

"I was hoping you would ask." he smirked.

When we got home we had to be very quiet because it was 7:00am and my family was asleep.

We slowly walked downstair into my bedroom. I went into my closet and got out some pajamas.

I didn't even bother changing in private. I took off my shirt and pants leaving me in just my underwear.

I caught Harry staring. "like what you see styles?" I laughed.

I turned around to put my shirt on. I felt two muscular arms wrap around my waist.

Lets just say that night was incredible. ;)































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