That Day At The Bakery

Alex is just your average girl. One day she decided to go to a bakery and she bumped into a guy called Harry. Harry really likes Alex but she has a boyfriend. read to find out what happens...


3. A night with Brody

Brody's POV

Who the hell is Harry?

I think Alex likes him, but I don't know for sure. 

"babe?" Alex yelled from the kitchen while I was watching TV in the living room.

"Yes?" I yelled back.

"would you like a snack?" She continued to yell.

"sure" I kept yelling.

After half an hour, Alex came to the living room with my favorite snack, pizza bites.

"thanks, darling!" i said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

I gobbled down about tweleve pizza bites.

We were watching TV until i got a urge to kiss her. I know Alex isn't a virgin but we haven't done it.

I looked at her and kissed her passionately.

As we kissed I slowly layed her down on the couch so I was on top of her.

It turned into a makeout session.

I took off my shirt and pants leaving me in my boxers.

I also took Alex's clothes off so she was in her underwear.

She stopped and said "I can't."

Alex's POV

I was sort of into the making out until I realized Brody wanted to have sex.

I stopped and said "I can't"

"c'mon baby, you'd do this if you love me." Brody said with a smirk.

"You know I do, It's just we've been dating for three weeks, can't we wait?" I questioned.

"you know what? screw you! I'm leaving" Brody raised his voice.

"No, don't leave. please?" I cried.

"we're done, Its over!" He yelled slamming the door.

I just ran to my bed and cried for ten minutes when I heard my cell phone ring.

*phone call*

"Hi Harry" I said still sobbing.

"whats wrong babe?" Harry asked.

"my boyfriend, Brody broke up with me for not putting out." I cried.

"do you want me to come over?" asked Harry.

"Yes please." I said.

"Alright, be there in an hour," Harry said hanging up.

*phone call ended*

I realized that I've been crying.

I went and had a quick shower.

After my shower I chose a green and pink cropped shirt and white skinny jeans.

I curled my black hair and put my bangs to the side.

I went to my makeup table and put on eyeliner, mascara, foundation, Light pink lipstick and and blush.

I heard a knock at my door.

I quickly sprayed pepermint perfume on myself and opened the door.

"Hey!" I shouted when I saw Harry.

"Hey Alex, You look beautiful!" Harry said looking into my eyes.

I blushed.

"Hi!" Said a guy that came with Harry.

"I'm Louis!" He said shaking my hand.

"Oh Hi I'm Alex!" I replied.

"I know, Harry kept talking about you." louis said smiling.

Harry gave him a "stop talking" look.

I giggled.

"Sorry I thought Louis could cheer you up." Harry whispered while louis walked inside.

"come in." I said.

Harry gave me a hug as he walked inside.

Louis and Harry sat on the couch and so did I.

"Do you want to go anywhere?" Louis asked.

"sure! what do you have in mind?

Louis Smiled widely.










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