That Day At The Bakery

Alex is just your average girl. One day she decided to go to a bakery and she bumped into a guy called Harry. Harry really likes Alex but she has a boyfriend. read to find out what happens...


1. The Day We Met

Alex's POV

I opened my eyes and looked at my clock. It was 10:00am.

I moaned and slowly got out of bed. I went into the bathroom to have a shower.

after my shower I opened my closet and put on a blue V-neck T-shirt and dark skinny jeans.

I went to my Makeup table and put on some foundation, eyeliner, cherry chapstick and mascara. I put my hair up in a bun.

i walked downstairs to the kitchen. I was hungry. I looked in fridge and it was empty.

I moved out of my fathers house last year since i'm 18.

I signed and grabbed my car keys and put on my boots and a jacket and headed to the bakery since their was nothing to eat at home.

Harry's POV

Me and the boys got a week off and decided to stay at our beach house. There was a bakery nearby so I got in my car and headed there. The boys were still sleeping when I left.

I pulled into the parking lot of the bakery and went inside.

there was only one person in the line. thank god, i'm starving!

Alex's POV

I arrived at the bakery and went inside. While i was walking to the line there was a guy that looked around my age, but he was turned around.

I had to walk near him to get to the line up. as I was walking near him he spun around and got his cupcake icing all over my shirt.

Harry's POV

"oh my god, I'm so sorry!" I said handing her some napkins.

She looked at me then grabbed the napkins from my hand and tried to wipe off the icing.

Her bright blue eyes sparkled when she looked at me and her beautiful black hair shined.

"great, the icing stained my shirt." she said disappionted.

"I'm really sorry." I said hoping for forgiveness.

"its ok, thanks for the help though" She said smiling.

"I'm Harry by the way."

"Alex." she replied.

"Can I buy you a new shirt?" I said with a smirk.

"No, Its ok, you don't have to" She said back to me.

"I want to." i said smiling.

"ok, if you insist." she said unsure.









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