Wicked Heart

And beneath my sooty faceless mask always curving to a half smile, there is an everlasting frown, for I have been sentenced to bear the weight of the world on my shoulders, now, and forever.
Poe and his prose and poetry recoil at the sight of my unpleasing display.
Read and fear.
My poetic tales.
Where end grows near.


8. Misunderstood

Feel the cool splash of water on skin

Embracing the drops as if they cleansed sin

You lift your open arms up high

To embrace the stormy sky

The thunder clouds circle your heart

As you imagine them creating a new start

For the life you never loved

The family of which out of you'd been shoved

But truely you only hung onto lies

And from your dead eyes buzz flies

You misunderstood evil and fell into it's void

What you though would be help destroyed

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