Wicked Heart

And beneath my sooty faceless mask always curving to a half smile, there is an everlasting frown, for I have been sentenced to bear the weight of the world on my shoulders, now, and forever.
Poe and his prose and poetry recoil at the sight of my unpleasing display.
Read and fear.
My poetic tales.
Where end grows near.


6. I'm Tired

Over time I get tired
Of the bullets fired
I get tired of being hurt
Watching cute chicks flirt
Sometimes I wish I wasn't a failure
Sure I'll be a battler
But everyone needs a rest
In the eyes of others I've begun to detest
The way they carry on with ease
When I've done so much to please

Shadows make a good mask
Holding onto light is a task
The strings on my guitar
Are like a musical memoir
I've walked on wet tar
Looked at love from a far
Forget life, the drag
I think I'll leave earth before my skin begins to sag...
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