Kiss me I'm Irish

Chloe Carter is in fact best friends with Niall Horan from One Direction. People have always told them that they should be a couple, they always get grossed out when they say that because they have a brother/sister kinda relationship. But what happens when they actually start falling for each other? Will they tell the others?, or will they keep it from them? Both of their lives will soon be turned upside down In this movella. If you want to find out what happens to the pair, read on to find out....


1. Prologue

Chloe's P.O.V.

I took a sip of my tea as Hayley talked.

"You and Niall make such a good couple! Why don't you two get together?", she asked smiling.

Me and Niall both looked at each other. "Ew", we said simultaneously, causing us to laugh afterwards.

"Me and Niall will NEVER be like that!", I laughed at the thought.

"Exactly, you see Hayley, Chloe is a sister to me. That is disgusting, it's like dating your sister, so NO", he said chuckling.

"Uggg, I'm telling you, you both do have feelings for each other, you just haven't realized it yet thats all", she said sticking her nose into the air like a snotty person.

I stuck my tongue out and laughed. I did think Niall was cute for a dude, but he was like my brother so that would never work out. Maybe Hayley is right... maybe we do have feelings for each other... Wait what am I saying! EW GROSS!!!


Authors Note: I have no Idea what to call the third person so let's just call him Tim. lol


Tim's P.O.V.

It seems as though Chloe does have feelings for Niall, some anyway. But the question is, Does he? Looks like we will just have to find out. But if they do both end up falling for eachother, what will happen to their lives?

Better or Worse?


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