adopted by Ed

hey im a 13 year old girl and im an orphan oh by the way my name is Isabella so one day im adopted by Ed sheeran and I meet one direction and I fall madly in love with one of them but I will never have the chance with him since im 13 and he is 19 big age difference and I don't think my new daddy would like that !! hope u like my story about my life :)


14. telling Ed

Niall's pov

*Next morning*

I'm so happy that i can call Isabella mine but what will Ed say i'm dating his daughter. I stayed the night with Isabella last night 'cus we where watching movies and past out. "Princess wake up" "but i don't want to!" I started tickling her and she was laughing so hard "why the fuck are you touching my daughter" oh crap Ed is up "morning daddy how was your night?" Bella asked her dad "it was great, now will you please explain why you where touching my daughter Niall" "i-um was trying to wake her up" i said trying to get out of telling him while he was not in such a great mood "umm daddy can we talk?" Bella asked her dad. " sure baby girl what is it?" He asked with a bit of worry ness in his voice "umm daddy what would you do if i got a boyfriend?" Aww she is nerves thats cute but scary at the same time " i would have a talk with him and tell him how much you mean to me and of they hurt you that i will hurt them! Why did you ask that princess" "umm 'cus me and your daughter ate dating" i had to pipe in " you heard me if you hurt her then i will hurt you my self do you understand that?" "Yes sir i do"

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