adopted by Ed

hey im a 13 year old girl and im an orphan oh by the way my name is Isabella so one day im adopted by Ed sheeran and I meet one direction and I fall madly in love with one of them but I will never have the chance with him since im 13 and he is 19 big age difference and I don't think my new daddy would like that !! hope u like my story about my life :)


15. telling Ed part 2

Ed's pov

I cant believe i heard them right! I swear if he hurts my little girl he is going to die!! Even though she is not my blood daughter she is still my daughter!! "Ed can i talk to you outside?" He asked me "ya sure why not" so me and him head outside on the back porch " Ed i promise that i will never hurt Bella she means the world to me i cant to that to her it would break me into pieces!" Niall just came straight out with it " wow Niall! Take care of my little girl please"

Harry's pov

So we were all just sitting in the living room and out of no where Bells started gasping for air " guys look i think Bells is having an asthma attack someone go get Ed now!!" I screamed at the girls and the rest if the boys that was still here " ED,NIALL ISABELLA IS HAVING AN ASTHMA ATTACK CALL 911NOW!!!" Louis was scream as he ran outside to get Ed and Niall. The next thing i know is Ed and Niall are running in crying " guys its ok calm down" Bella said in between breaths " no its not Bells i could lose you and i just got to call you mine" Niall said *Knock knock* Zayn went running an opening up the door for the paramedics to come in and take Bells to the hospital.


Hey guys so this is the last chapter in this book i might make a sequel but it will be a while before its up im so busy and next week i have finals :( so how have you guys been?? Sorry i haven't updated in a while been busy with school and the daily drama from school -chilla :)

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