adopted by Ed

hey im a 13 year old girl and im an orphan oh by the way my name is Isabella so one day im adopted by Ed sheeran and I meet one direction and I fall madly in love with one of them but I will never have the chance with him since im 13 and he is 19 big age difference and I don't think my new daddy would like that !! hope u like my story about my life :)


12. Sweet 16 After Party

 Hey guys so i'm skipping how the party went 'cus i'm to lazy to type it all up! anyway i'm off today so i;m updating :) this chapter is going to be about the after party and a little someone is going to confess their feeling for a certain someone ;)


Isabella's pov


So we decided to have an after party but only the boys, Little Mix and Dani could stay, El had to go she had a photo shoot early in the morning and my dad had to leave to go to bed because he had to go record at 5 in the morning so i was just going to. Right now all we are doing is swimming in the pool which is getting boring. "Hey guys lets play a game 'cus this is really getting boring!" I said " Ya it truly is" Lou said " TRUTH OR DARE!!" "Ya sure why not" the others said except Niall " No I don't feel like it" " Oh come on Nialler please for me" I said "Oh fine but only cause you called me Nialler" "YAY!!" "Ok little miss birthday girl truth or dare?" Perrie asked " Truth" I said " Ok is it true that you like one of the boys?" Perrie asked and I started blushing " Yes" all around the pool all I heard was awe's and oh's " Zayn truth or dare?" I had asked Zayn " dare" " I dare you to go have a make out session with Perrie" him and Perrie started blush really bad "Ok it will just get us starting off with what is going to happen tonight" he said and winked at Perrie.The rest of us just looked shocked at both of them. " Anyway Niall truth or dare?" Zayn asked Niall " dare" he had said unsurely Zayn had a HUGE grin starting on his face " Dare you to go have a FULL blown make out session with Isabella" me and Niall both started blushing really bad. You see i have this really big crush on Niall and so ya later i'm going to get Zayn back for this maybe. "Ummmmmmm..................ok" he swam his way over to me. Yes we are playing this in the pool. When he got over to me we just looked at each other for awhile then finally he pushed his lips on mine it was so magical :) ugh why does he have to be so god damn sexy!! " ummmm we are just going to go and dry off we will let you guys finish" me and Niall pulled away to say bye to them. " ummmm Isabella i was wondering if you will be my princess?" i was frozen i had no clue what he just asked me " wait! what?" " will you be my girlfriend? I have liked you since the first day we met" " OMG YES A MILLION TIMES YES!!" me and him just kissed again it was so magical! " what is going on?" Jade asked " she said yes" Niall said with a big smile on his face which made me smile. " wait so you guys are dating?" they all asked at the same time " yes we are" me and Niall said at the same time.


hope y'all like it :) ~michilla 

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