adopted by Ed

hey im a 13 year old girl and im an orphan oh by the way my name is Isabella so one day im adopted by Ed sheeran and I meet one direction and I fall madly in love with one of them but I will never have the chance with him since im 13 and he is 19 big age difference and I don't think my new daddy would like that !! hope u like my story about my life :)


2. Isabella Sheeran

{ Ed's pov}

wow she has some lungs for how old she is. all of a sudden a bunch of foot steps come running down the stairs and they all start to scream i guess it's not just one of the kids that is a fan of me." hi im Ed Sheeran" " this is all the kids except one. where is Isabella?" she asked the kids and on of them siad " she went to here room and fell asleep" " ok thank you Aby" Angy said " no prob" Ay said " well then lets go get her i want to meet all of you" i said. then i heard my song 'the a team'

{ Isabella's pov}

i had went to youtube and turned on 'the a team' by ed sheeran when there was a knock on the door and in walked Ed Sheeran i almost fainted but i controlled myself down." hi im Isabella" " hi i bet you know who i am since you almost fell out of your chair" "ya im a big fan of you and 1D" i was smiling and my dimples where showing big time. " Ms. Angy i would like to adopted little ms. Isabella"  did he just say that omg im bout to fangirl one of my idols wants to adopted me OMG!!! this is so exciting. " WHAT NO YOU WERE SOPOSSED TO ADOPTED ME NOT THAT UGLY THING!!!!" i ran to my old room crying because of what Aby had just called me when i heard Ed say " dont call my new daughter that!"

{ Ed's pov}

well its official i now have a daughter. i just finished signing the papers abd there is a ton of pops outside waiting for me " Isabella Sheeran come on its time to go i want you to meet some of my friens" " k im coming"

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