adopted by Ed

hey im a 13 year old girl and im an orphan oh by the way my name is Isabella so one day im adopted by Ed sheeran and I meet one direction and I fall madly in love with one of them but I will never have the chance with him since im 13 and he is 19 big age difference and I don't think my new daddy would like that !! hope u like my story about my life :)


8. falling for Isabella

 Niall's pov

so we just met bella and i think i found my princess. " Niall can i talk to you?" harry said " ya what is it?" he pulled me into his room " do you like Isabella?" " ya i think i do" he just looked at me and smiled.

Harry's pov

i was looking at Niall and he had a look in his eyes like he was in love so i asked him if i could talk to him and he said ya now all i have to do is see if Bella likes Nialler. " Bella" " ya hazza" she had a calm tone in her voice " i need to talk to you in my room please" "ok hold on, hey hazza do you have any food im starving" she just ate 2 full pizza's " you just ate TWO full pizza's and your still hungry!!!!!!" " yes i'm starving now do you have food or not!!!!" man she is perfect for our little Nialler " i will get you food after you come and talk to me!!" " fine" she said cokey. "

Isabella's pov

gosh what does Harry want with me in his room if he trys anything i'm telling my daddy lol i sound like a 5 year old. " now what do you want?" man that was kinda rude but he inter ruppeted me with getting food and that was rude of him. " i got a question for you" " yes" i'm scared now " do you like any of us boys?" " what no" i said VERY sarcasticly " sure who do you like i promise i wont tell" " ok you promised me so you can't tell ANYONE!!!!!" i swear if he tells anyone i'm going to get him " ya ya i wont" he said " good...... ok ........ i like Nialler" i said it quitely "WHAT YOU DO!!!!!" " shhhh lower your voice!!" he does not know how to be quite " sorry but he likes you back" omg did he just say that " really?" " yes that is what i asked him when i called him in here" now i'm very happy but the sad part is that im 13 (14 soon) and Niall is 19. " you and Niall would make a cute couple!" " ya i know but what about the age differnce?" " sweetie love does not have numbers trust me i know"



hey guys thanks for all the suport and i know that words are spelled wrong but i'm not very good with it. thank you for saying that this is good :) i know that i'm not good with writing like a lot of people on here so after this movellas im not writting any more cus i don't think im very good ~ michilla

p.s my name sounds like mishilla  :)

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