Trust the Future and me

Christina is new in her neighborhood, Miami Florida. The only friend she meets is Zayn Malik, when he is on break from tour. She falls in love with him buy he doesn't love her back, Zayn can see the future and he can tell something is wrong with him because he doesn't think of Christina that way. He gets mad at her and tells her to leave him alone and after a while he relizes that she really does love him.


4. Zayn malik

Christina's pov

"Oh, right. but does your name start with a C?" he asked. "yeah, and how did you know that?" I asked a little surprised. "I'm-lucky guess." He said scratching the back of his head looking away. Then he turned to face me again. "My name is Zayn Malik." he said softly then continued. "I'm Christina." I said in barely a whisper. "I got to go. Here comes my-" she said getting cut off by Zayn "sister." he finished. Christina closed her eyes a took a deep breath then opend them again. "how did you know I was going to say that?" "I don't know." This guy named Zayn said. I shook my head "Bye." I said and went off to meet my sister.

"So who's that cute guy you were talking to?" Sarah asked me as we were walking home. "He's not cute. His name is Zayn. And he is just someone I bumped into. He was kindof actind weird" I tried to explain. "I doubt he was acting weird, it might just be that your weird. Anywho, get his number for me." She demanded.

"Why do you want his number?" I didn't understand. "Because he's cute duh." She said. "But you barely even know him. All you know is his name." Christina explained trying to warn her. "Well, then introduce hime to me." Sarah didn't get it, I barely even know him. "Fine, that is if we ever see him again." i told her. "yay" Sarah sand happily with an anoying giggle.

Me and Sarah returned to the beach the next day around the same time. "Do you see him?" she asked me. "No, he probably doesn't show up at the same time at the beach everday." I said wishing she would help look for him. "You don't know that." she said. "Oh there he is, I see him." I said point over to his direction. "Hey, Zayn!' I yelled trying to get his attention. "Oh my gosh, does my hair look alright?" she asked me while he was walking over our way. "Yes it looks fine." I said not even looking.

"Whats up?" Zayn asked kindly. "I just wanted to introduce you to my sister...Sarah." I said, while staring into his eyes. He had something about him that I couldn't reach. "Nice to meet you Sarah." he said with a gentle smile bringing me back to reality. "Nice to meet you to hehehe." Sarah laughed with an anoying girly laugh. "Really Sarah?" I said nudging her side with my elbow. "You look...really nice." Zayn said to her. "awwww thanks...oh uh you to of course." she said back to him. "Your welcome and thank you." he said. "Ok, we've gotta go." I said getting anoyed by their conversation.

"Wait, don't you want my number?" she said, ok, I'm starting to feel bad for Zayn now. I tried to pull her away. "Um, maybe later." he said. "Ok bye." Sarah said really perky. Zayn just waved, I could tell he was annoyed.


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