Trust the Future and me

Christina is new in her neighborhood, Miami Florida. The only friend she meets is Zayn Malik, when he is on break from tour. She falls in love with him buy he doesn't love her back, Zayn can see the future and he can tell something is wrong with him because he doesn't think of Christina that way. He gets mad at her and tells her to leave him alone and after a while he relizes that she really does love him.


13. wedding *message*

Christina's pov

I loved my dress. Zayn bought it for me. It was a one strap, the strap was flowers, it had a waist band in the waist, the bottome was flowy. My hairs was curled in a half pony tail. I stared at myself in the mirror. This isn't me. I don't reconize myself. I'm not use to wearing fancy dresses.

Next thing I know, I'm walking down the aisle with my dad. I hugged him one last time. "I love you, Christina." He whispered in my ear. "I love you to dad." I whispered back. He let go and it was time. There was Zayn. More handsome than ever. "Zayn, do you take this lovely girl to be your wife?" the anouncer said. "I do." he said staring into my eyes. "And Christina, do you take this youn man to be your husband." he said. I smiled. "I do." I said staring back into his eyes.

"You may now kiss the bride." Next thing I knew Zayn's lips were pressed to mine and evryone was cheering.

A lot of people came up to us and congratulated us, some said we look cute together. Zayn hugged me. "Can't wait until our honeymoon." he whispered to me with a wink. I was blushing "I can't wait either."


*If a certain amount of people read 

this, I will write another book.



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