Trust the Future and me

Christina is new in her neighborhood, Miami Florida. The only friend she meets is Zayn Malik, when he is on break from tour. She falls in love with him buy he doesn't love her back, Zayn can see the future and he can tell something is wrong with him because he doesn't think of Christina that way. He gets mad at her and tells her to leave him alone and after a while he relizes that she really does love him.


7. somethings wrong *message*

Zayn's pov

It was 10:30 pm and I finally got back from the interview. I quickly threw off my shirt and jeans and climbed into bed. and fell asleep quick. I woke up around 4:17 am and thought as I slowly began to sit up. "Why does Christina like me?" I said to myself. "No, that can't be right, we're just friends." I started to freak out. "That can't be true. This can't be happening. I knew this would happend buy Christina? Why her?" A lot of questions were being wondered right now. I finally went back to sleep two hours later.

I woke up around 11:55 am. I went to call my mom so I could tald to her about this problem, "she'll know what to do." I reasurred myself.

"Hey mom." I said. "I have a problem. Can you help me?" I asked her. "Yeah, you need help with that girl you met right?" my mom asked. We are both physic. "Yeah, well kindof. Whe has a crush on me." I told her. "Cute, why do you need help?" she asked me. "Because, she's not supposed to like me. I think there is something wrong with me." I'm not understanding why she doesn't understand. "Well maybe, did you ever think if she really did like you?" I really wish we wouldn't try to reason with me. "I don't know." I really didn't know. "How about you go talk to her and ask her how she feels." I guess I could. "ok, she's at the beach right now, and playing her guitar." I told her. "Your welcome." she yelled before I hung up. "Oh right, thanks." I said hanging up.

I know right where to find here. "Hey Christina, can we talk?" I asked her. "Um, yeah sure sit down." she offered putting her guitar down. "Hey, do you-" I started but got to nervous to finish. "Do I what?" she asked. Oh right. "Do you have a-" I couldn't aske her. I don't know why. "Do I have what?" she asked me, I think she was kindof getting irratated. "Just finish your question." she tried encouraging me. "Here, let me make this easier." I said starting to stand up. "I think we need a break. Just stop liking me, and back off." I kindof yelled but I perfer to say speaking loudly. Abby stood up to carrying her guitar. "Whats your problem?" she said with tears starting to fall from her eyes.

She turned away and ran home. I didn't know what to do now. I'm just going to leave, I thought walking back to the flat I was staying in.


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