Trust the Future and me

Christina is new in her neighborhood, Miami Florida. The only friend she meets is Zayn Malik, when he is on break from tour. She falls in love with him buy he doesn't love her back, Zayn can see the future and he can tell something is wrong with him because he doesn't think of Christina that way. He gets mad at her and tells her to leave him alone and after a while he relizes that she really does love him.


3. Someone...interesting

Later that same day they moved in, Abby wanted to go to the beach so she asked. "Mom, can I go to the beach for a little while?" " Honey, I want some downtime also but we still have to unpack and get settled in." her mom said sounding fustrated. "ok." Christina said letting out a sigh. The next day  they finished moving everything in place and settled down.

"Ok, mom I'm going to the beach now." Christina said excitedly. "ooooh, ooooh. Wait for me." Sarah begged. "Great, just great." Christina said under her breath. "I specifaclly wanted to go to the beach to get away from her." She said to her mom. Sarah showed up in a black with purple polka dotted bikini. Christina had a light pink strapless swimsuit top with a little darker swim shorts. "Sure you can come, but I'm not sitting by you." Christina smirked, as she ran to her room to get her guitar.

Abby went to go find Sarah cause it was starting to get late. She started running when she ran into a boy and fell down. He looked like he was eighteen or nineteen. "I'm so sorry." he said bending down to help me up. He stared deeply into my eyes then spoke "Hey, you look familiar." "You possibly couldn't have seen me before. I just barely moved here from Wyoming, and this is the first time I've been to this beach." Christina said with a nervous look on her face.

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