Trust the Future and me

Christina is new in her neighborhood, Miami Florida. The only friend she meets is Zayn Malik, when he is on break from tour. She falls in love with him buy he doesn't love her back, Zayn can see the future and he can tell something is wrong with him because he doesn't think of Christina that way. He gets mad at her and tells her to leave him alone and after a while he relizes that she really does love him.


9. Hi I'm Zayn

Christina's pov

I was leaning on the balcony staring at the beautiful sunset, just above the ocean. I tink I could actually see some dolphins out there. My thoughts went to Zayn. He was perfect, now I lost him. I started crying again.

Mike's (christina's dad) pov

I was just decorating the backyard for my wife and I's anniversary. I had lights on the trees, fountains and haniging lanterns on the tree branches. I had flowers everywhere. Emily was out shopping for a new dress to wear with Sarah. I stood back and looked at all the decorations. She's going to love it I thought.

I was looking at all the decorations where a teenage boy ran through the side gate. "Hi, sorry for barging in, but I'm Zayn, one of Christina's friends." I don't know if I'm her friend, I didn't know what else to say. "Hi, I'm Mike, Christina and Sarah has told me a lot about you." he said shaking my hand. "Even about what happened today?" I asked feeling even more guilty. "No, what happened?" He asked me. "Well, me and Christina got in a fight. Thats actually why I'm here." I told him. "Oh, ok she's in her room. Follow me." he said walking into the house.

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