A Surprise!

So this is for the competition! And mine is with Niall. Please like, comment etc. Please! I would love to win! One Direction have changed my life I love them soo much<3 Thank you!!:)

This is the link to the necklace she was looking at in the store:


1. Valentine's Day!!!

Today is Valentine's Day and for the 18th year in a row I'm single.  

Yes I am 18 but for some reason my relationships always go around Valentine's day.  

But because I don't have anything going on today I have to drive my brother to the mall so he can find the perfect gift  for his girlfriend plus he wants me help pick it out.  

"What are you planning on getting her?" I ask to break the silence in the car.  

"A bracelet or necklace, and some roses." My brother replied but went back to his phone.  

"Okay.." He's so cheesy, write her a song.    

*5 minutes later*  

"Okay, we're here. Let's get her something and leave so I can eat chocolate and watched sappy movies!!" I said and got out of my car.

The snow was just started to fall. But not too bad. I love how it falls so peacefully and melts when it touches your skin.  

"No date? Haha!" My brother said. What a dork.  

"Oh shh! Or I will leave you here and drive away!" I warned.  

"Fine! Someone is cranky." He said under his breath.  

We walked into the mall and went to the first jewelry store.  

"I like the one will the silver heart." I said pointing to the simple silver heart locket.  

"To plain." He said sounding bored.    

"Well pick one!!" I said annoyed.  

"Can we try another store. Please." He said with his dark blue eyes looking like puppy dog eyes.  

"Ugh! Fine. Come on!" I said grabbing his arm and going to the next store.  

"Like any?" I asked, looking at them all and wishing I could find my true love.  

"I like these three. But I want to look over there." He said and walked towards the table near the exit.  

I walked over on the other side of him on the far side of the exit.  

I saw the most gorgeous necklace. It was a diamond shamrock and had the stem, where it looped around the chain and the sides were all golden. (Link is in description)   

I just couldn't stop looking at the necklace it was.. Well amazing, simple but effective. The chain was gold and I just loved it! I want it!  

"You like it?" An Irish voice said.  

I got butterflies from what he said.  

"Yes. It's gorgeous. But it's expensive and I'm single soo.." I can't believe I told a total stranger that I was single.  

I turned and saw a blonde/brunette with a quiff and gorgeous blue eyes. He was.. WOW! He was the spitting image of my perfect guy!  

"Take a picture it will lat longer!!" My brother said from beside me.  

"Shut up!" I said elbowing him.     

"I found a cute necklace. But I'm going to go to the store across the street and get some flowers. Text you when I'm done." And then my brother left.

"So why is a beautiful girl like you single?" The gorgeous boy asked.

"Well.. I'm not sure. When I was 13 I went through a bad break up and haven't really dated since. I have just been waiting for my guy I guess!" I said shyly. No one ever made me act like this, especially a guy. I'm always talking to boys and never shy. But with him it was different. Why?

"Well I'm sorry to hear that. I actually have been waiting for my princess for a while. But she never shows up.." The boy said, and he blushed. I love when a boy blushes! I find it so cute!!

"Well have you found her?" I asked curious.

"I think I just did.." He said in a whisper and blushed.

I couldn't find any words to say. Was he talking about me? A part of me burned with jealousy but a part of me tingle at the thought of it being me. I blushed and dropped  my head.

My long brown hair covering my face.

He moved my hair out of my face. "Don't be shy my princess!" And then he kissed my cheek and my stomach had soo many butterflies and there was sparks. When his lips left my cheek I could still feel them and I never wanted that feeling to leave.

"Sorry, but I never caught your name.." I said alittle shyly. 

"Oh. It's Niall. You don't know who I am?" Niall asked with a confused look.

"No.. Sorry. Should I?" I asked alittle confused.

"No no. It's fine. But I was wondering if maybe you would go to a party at my friend's house later.. Unless you don't want to. I mean that's cool.." He said and looked at me with a hopeful smile.

"I would love to!" I said.

"Great. I mean cool. Umm could I have your number? I have to go I have work and they don't like it when I'm late.." He said smiling.

"Sure." We exchanged numbers and he was gone.

*2 Hours later*

My brother had picked out a really pretty necklace and roses with a box of chocolates. Wow! He`s unique.. lol.

Niall said he would pick me up at 7 and I have to wear a dress.

I decided on this short red dress I have and the top is heart cut. And a heart is formed from the top to my waist.

I curled my hair and let it fall over my shoulders and to my waist. It was 6:45 so I decided to go on YouTube and see what's new.

When I got on I saw a new music video called "Kiss You" by One Direction.

I clicked it. 

I saw a boy on a motorcycle first he had brown hair and brown eyes. His hair had a blonde streak and was in a quiff. Then it showed a curly haired boy with brown hair and green eyes. Then my brother called me down I guess I have to go. But before I shut the screen it flipped to a car scene and I swear I saw Niall. But it couldnt' be.. Could it?

*15 minutes later*

Niall had come and we were now in the car driving to his friend`s house for the party.

The radio started playing "Kiss You" the same song from the music video I watched. I started dancing and singing! I didn't even realize until I heard Niall start laughing. 

"Awks!"I said blushing.

"It's fine. I do this all the time but I'm normally alone." He said laughing.

He started singing! He was soo good! I probably sounded like a dieing walrus..LOL!! Then this one part came up and Niall sounded the exact same as the boy singing on the radio.

"What?" He asked looking at me. 

I caught myself staring at him and my mouth hung open in an 'O'. "Sorry you just sounded the exact same as the radio. I'm sorry!" I said looking away.

"Wait! You don't know?" He asked confused. What is he talking about?

"What do you mean..?" I asked more confused than him.

"Nothing." He said smirking.

"Kay?" I whispered.

We got to the party and Niall came around and open my door for me, what a gentlemen! 

We walked to the door and Niall knocked. 

A boy that looked the exact I mean EXACT same..

"Hey Nialler!" The boy said bro hugging Niall.

"Hey Zayn. This is.. Umm.. This is embarrassing! I never got your name." Niall said blushing.

Zayn started laughing and I giggled.

"I'm Amanda. But call me Manda. Nice to meet you!" I giggled.

"Nice to meet you Manda. Ah Nialler just bring a girl to my party and you don't even know her name?" Zayn said.

"Well.. She never told me and when I got her number she put her name as princess because that's what I called her!! Your name is gorgeous though and I like Manda!" Niall said grabbing my hand and intertwining our fingers.

We went inside and had soo much fun. 

I learnt that Niall was from a band called One  Direction. There was Harry, Louuis, Liam and Zayn. Harry has curly hair, green eyes and gorgeous dimples. Louis has light brown hair, blue eyes and an amazing sense of humor. Liam has short light brown hair, brown eyes and is super nice. You know what Zayn and Niall look like. 

It was now 10pm and Niall went to go talk to the boys. I had met all of the boys girlfriends so I was sitting at a table with them. Eleanor was very nice and gorgeous, Danielle was gorgeous and funny, and Perrie was hilarious and gorgeous as well. They were all prettier than me.. Harry's girlfriend was May and she was a very sweet girl and was very pretty, with blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Just then the boys came out and started to get everyone's attention. 

"Excuse me everyone! The boys and I would like to sing a song. We would like to dedicate this song to our wonderful girlfriends. and Niall's lady friend." Zayn said and we all laughed.

They started singing. Zayn said his part to Perrie, Liam said his to Danielle, Louis said his to Eleanor, Harry said his to May and then it was Niall's turn. He came up to me and started singing:


You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you You'll never treat yourself right, darling, but I want you to. If I let you know I'm here for you Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you, oh.   I started crying and before I knew it I crashed my lips onto his.  That night was the best night of my life. I started dating the boy of my dreams and I was happy how my life was turning out! This time forever and always is for real.. 


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