I Love You More Than a Thousand Red M&Ms

Everything in Laura and Estelle's life is about to change when she meets the boys of a much loved boy band.. but what happens when she falls for one of them?


2. Estellies Marie Nightingale

Estelle's P.O.V

So we got to the hotel in jersey and its already late so we decided to wait to unpack and just go to bed.. We are walking up to our room and I was falling asleep from driving for so long. I heard people laughing and walking down the hall way but because my eyes shut i didnt see a thing and them all you heard was-
"Estelle look out there's-
"Never mind..... Are you okay?"
I heard laughing and another guy with an accent talking...I woke up to see I was laying on top of some random guy with curly brown hair and big emeralds green eyes
Harry's P.O.V
Me and the guys walked down the hallway in the hotel we decided to stay at whilst we were on tour. We were laughing having good time not paying attention to where we were going.. When we noticed there were two girls walking in the hall to their rooms they both looked pretty tired but one was literally sleep walking I guess if I would have moved she would have walked to her room fine but she ran into me and we toppled backwards... She landed right on top of me!!!!!
"Well Hazza, I knew you got alot of girls but even whilst they're sleeping.. That takes skills bro!" Louis was laughing louder than the rest of the gang at what he had just said.. But then she woke up and looked directly at me as if she was studying me for only a second though.. Her friend helped her up..
"Oh my gosh!!!! I'm a million and five times sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going and-
I had to interrupt her or she'd go on forever.
"It's cool.. Don't worry about it" I gave her a smile and put out my hand for a handshake but instead I got a hug. I was about to put my arms around her to hug her back, But then her friend grabbed her arm and started to pull her away.

"Estelle we should really get to our room....like now"
Estelle's P.O.V
"Bye and sorry again for running you over! " I gave him a smile and waved goodbye...
Welp that was embarrassing! I rushed off with LoLo and once we got in the room I crashed on my bed whilst I drifted off I heard her say something about one of the boys but I forgot what she had said..

Louis's P.O.V
THAT WAS THE GREATEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!! HARRY GOT SLEEP TACKLED BY A RANDOM GIRL... But dang was he was a lucky one she was beautiful.. The way her vibrant red curls bounced as she walked away and her smile was out of this world.... I had to see her again.. My thoughts were interrupted by Niall's curious voice..
"Hey lads did any of you drop your phones?"
As we all checked our pockets I (being the smart lad that I am) realized it wasn't ours and it must have been that girls or her friends either way I'd get to see her again.... Niall opened the lock screen to see if it had a picture if the owner.. It didn't.. But because it was an iPhone 4 it Liam snatched the phone from Niall and asked Siri
"Siri, what is my name"
After a few seconds we heard a bing and Siri started 'talking'
"Your name is Estellies Marie Nightingale."
When i heard her name I felt my heart drop... It was so unique and beautiful.... It fit her perfectly. Then I woke up from the daze I was obviously in (not volentaraly let me tell you!)

Harry's P.O.V
Dude Louis has been zoned out for quit some time I mean I wonder if he even knows we were back in our room now.. I snapped in his face in an attempt to wake him from his daze..
"Louis!? Louis snap out if it man!!! LOUIS!"
He was still zoned... Until Zayn walked by and smacked his across the face.. I couldn't help but laugh not only did it get him to come back to planet earth it scared the bejesus out if him..
"What the bloody hell was that for Zaynie that really hurt" he said while rubbing his cheek
"You were on another planet bro had to bring ya back somehow now didn' I?!"
"Not that way ya didn't!!! I'm tellin mum!!"
Because Liam probably the only matureish responsible one here he was considered mum and Niall who was busy shoving his face with the food from the mini bar was considered dad.
By the time this shanangans was over Zayn was standing in the corner facing the wall and Louis was in the wash room getting ready for bed because 'mum' told him to... Niall however was laying on the couch bed rubbing his stomach and smiling proudly at the fact he ate all the food in the mini bar... Liam was watching 'Toy Story' and I was drifting happily to sleep tired from all the nonsense..

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