I Love You More Than a Thousand Red M&Ms

Everything in Laura and Estelle's life is about to change when she meets the boys of a much loved boy band.. but what happens when she falls for one of them?



"Estelle where are you going?"
"To look for my phone in hallway"
"I was looking all through my bags and my clothes from yesterday I can't find it, I think I dropped it in the hall"
"Uh wait Est- oh never mind. Ill come help you."

Liam's P.O.V
I woke up cuz there was laughing a giggling outside our room... When I opened the door I saw two girls on the floor rubbing their heads like try had hit on something...
"LiLi!!! What are you doing with the door open?! Your in your shorts lad!"
Thankfully the girls didn't notice and Thankfully Louis had warned me before they did.. I shut the door and put some clothes on and opened it back up to see if they were still out there.. They were back to looking...I cleared my throat..
"Uhm- what are you girls looking for exactly??"
That's when Louis came to the door with Harry and they both stopped dead in their tracks and ran back into the room... And that's when I realized that these were the girls from yesterday's turn of events...
"Well you see I lost my phone out here yesterday and I was looking for and my friend here was helping me... Sorry did we wake you?"
She looked at me with big hazel eyes and smiled slightly..
"We can leave if we were being too loud I doubt it's out here anyways... Uhm your friends seem to be having trouble with something in there..."
She pointed to Louis and Harry who were fighting over her phone which she obviously didn't realize was hers. And then she started walking away with her friend.. When Harry ran out and grabbed her friends arm...

Harry's P.O.V
Estelle and her friend are at the door.. Her friend was so gorgeous I needed to get to know her.. But when I looked over at the door they started to leave I had to stop her so I ran out and grabbed her arm before she had a chance to get away from me again...
"Uhm...uh.... I uh- we should hang out!"
I mentally face palmed myself....Oh yea real smooth...way to go Harry 'we should hang out' yup that's a sure fire way to get to know someone... She just giggled.. Oh my god was it adorable it was so cute.
"Uhm.. Who are you again?"
That caught me off guard. She didn't know who I was? I mean yea it was a relief but how did she not know!!
"This is Hazza!! And I'm Louis."
"Your name is really Hazza?! That's so cute!"
She thought my nickname was my real name.
"N-No my name is Harry not Hazza.. Hazza is just my nickname..."
She put her hand out to shake my hand
"I'm Laura but she calls me LoLo.. And yes we should hang out"
She giggles and I smiled I shook her hand and looked for Louis who was already talking to Laura's friend.

Louis's P.O.V
Whilst Hazza was talking to Laura I decided to talk to her friend Estelle god she was so cool.. I took her in to the hotel room to give her her phone and Niall stopped eating and hopped up to greet Estelle shortly followed by Zaynie.
Estelle's P.O.V
"Hello. I'm Niall. Niall Horan! But you can call me Nialler"
His accent was different from the rest it was Irish and it reminded me of my father I smiled happily at the memory ad shook his hand.
"Hey there Nialler! I'm Estelle."
"Nice ta meetchya! Estelle!"
Niall went back to eating food and I chuckled slightly at the sight it looked like me on good days.
"Hey babe! I'm Zayn."

Zayn's P.O.V
Man Estelle was beautiful.. I can see why Louis was so strung up on someone he just met. I mean her eyes were so pure and innocent and they sparkled whenever she smiled. Her lips looked so soft and delicate all together she looked like flower minus the green stem....

Laura's P.O.V

Harry is so funny the only person I've laughed with this much is Estelle and that's cause we acted like idiots, but harry.... he doesn't even try. And his emerald eyes are so beautiful I swear i could stare into them forever, but i think i might have stared for too long sometime during our conversation because i saw his face get a bright red. It was so cute when he blushed. He walked me inside where Estelle was retrieving her phone and smiling like a crazy person. I haven't seen Estelle with such a smile for a long time.. It was nice to see her happy. But we had our day planned already me and her were going to a carnival and she was going to get over at least two of her fears if i had to drag her out of that hotel room myself, And i knew one way to get her attention

"Essie! we really must get going we have plans today."

"DONT CALL ME ESSIE LO! you know I hate it"

"Well than boobear lets go so you can get some food in you before we head out."

"Hoi... sometimes i really wanna drop a piano on your head."

We heard laughter from the boys  and both of our faces went from pink to red in a second.

"Sorry guys i totally forgot where we were..."

"A little violent aren't we miss Essie..."

"HEY! Louis I know which room is yours remember that!"

And with that me and 'Essie' left to go to a carnival.


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