I Love You More Than a Thousand Red M&Ms

Everything in Laura and Estelle's life is about to change when she meets the boys of a much loved boy band.. but what happens when she falls for one of them?


1. Road Trip

Laura's P.O.V
"I text her over an hour ago. How long does it take for a girl to get in her car and drive 5 min down the freakin road?!" I being the impatient woman I am was yelling at the door waiting for my best friend. And right on cue she comes running through my door practically screaming.
Estelle's P.O.V
I looked at my phone and saw that I had a text that read
"Hey boo bear, let's have a sleepovah!! -LoLo-"
I laughed at it Laura was my best friend and I practically lived in her apartment.. Literally I had my own room. I was gathering everything I could knowing that I'd be there for more than a day or two. (That's just how it worked out.) I drove to her house after I got it all together. when i got there i almost hurdled the stairs and ran through her front door thowing my arms in the air with my bags flying eveywhere screaming..
"HOONEY!!!!! IM HOME!!! Did ya miss me huh? Did ya did ya?" I said as I tackled her in one of my bear hugs.. But she struggled to get away and I thought she was going to yell and bicker at me for being an hour late but she didn't..
Laura's P.O.V
This girl was always so crazy it was great but she is always so late I swear she's gunna be late to her own funeral the only day she was never late was....that day...
"Estelliese Marie!!!!!! YOU DIDN'T BRING ANY BACON!!!" I couldn't stop laughing at the face she made, but I managed to go on. "How many times do I have to tell ya child! Alwaysh bring da bacon!!! ALWAYSH" by this time I had her by the shoulders and I was shaking her back and fourth. Her face was halrious it was a mixture of belwildered ,confused and amused...
Estelle's P.O.V
What is this chicks problem I'm being shaken violently cuz I didn't bring bacon? oh my lanta... She finally stopped shaking me and I couldn't help but laugh hysterically that was the dumbest thing that we've ever done... After awhile of laughing we went and put my things in my room I sat down in the bed and she walked out of the room. when she came back in she had a suitcase with her. She opened it and inside there was a small package that said "open me" with little stick figures with that had crazy arms on it when she handed it to me I opened it in one quick rip and she gave me an evil/your going whether you want to or not grin. That grin could scare the white off a ghost... I looked at the suitcase again and saw that she had already paid and rented a hotel room in New Jersey, Flordia, and California!
"LoLo this is going to be like one big road trip!!!! It'll take all summer!!"
"I know I just thought it'd be nice to get out of Ohio, ya know? Its crazy weather here.. Plus your 18 now we can at least go to clubs and shtuff without the problem of driving under the influence!!! "

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