Chasing Willow

Dear Niall,
You where my first crush. first kiss. first lover.
i guess after these 2 weeks of trying to impress you , you didn't receive the message.
i am sorry , but this is my way of saying goodbye.
Tell Harry, i am gonna miss his cooking , and his warmth.
Tell Louis , i am gonna miss his jokes , and his piggy-back rides.
Tell liam, i am gonna miss his advice, and his toy story fascination.
Tell Zayn , i am gonna miss his clothing styles , and his pictures with me.
Lastly Niall, i am gonna miss your hugs , jokes , and just you .
It's the best i leave. Please don't try and find me , because i won't be anywhere found. Dont tell the Police or anywhere . Just remember these three words forever.
i love you...
From Willow x


4. Whose he ?


 " nathann .... " i said 

" willow , what are you doing here ? " he asked quiestionaly

i got up and walked to him , before giving him a hug .

" i have to go , everything is getting worst " i whispered.

He let go . " no no no , no you dont , you can stay with me , you always have home here , you know that Willow " 

"nathan , its for the best , you know that " 

Tears grouped up in his eyes , " no " he yelled 

it Scared me so i walked back slowly to Niall , who now stood up . Every Police Offcier was looking .

" YOU .YOU CANT LEAVE ME , AFTER EVERYTHING WE HAVE BEEN THROUGH ! NO WILLOW ! " he was crying , you could tell he was in pain.

" nathan , i will come back you know that ! I just need a break okay ? " 

" no you cant leave , What about Jess , what about Sarah ? huh ? how come ! YOU LEAVE US NOW , at the worst time , you know that . Everything we promised , you can't do this . " he said crying ." Come on , you know better " he continued .

" nathan , your making this so much harder then it is . " i whispered .

" fine , leave ,  but know when everything crumbles , don't come crying to me okay " he said walking off .

" nathan , please ! "i said starting to walk ,but a officer . 

" NO LET ME GO , I NEED NATHAN NOW ! " I screamed .

"NATHAN , HELP , NIALL HELP ! " i screamed , the officer began taking me to the room , where i was getting questioned . i was being tough. 

" sorry love " niall said for the first time in about 30 minutes .

" please niall , wheres nathan" i said , before getting locked in a dark room .

After all the questioning , i got told i could leave . it was absolute hell in there .

i ran to niall , where he sttod up and engulfed me in a hug . I started crying again .

" Nathan left me , he was my best friend " i snuffled .

" how about , we start over in Mulingar hey , come live with me and the boys , its okay " he said .

" i wouldnt want to cause you drama " i muttered .

he heard me though, " you wouldnt trust me willow , they will be generous and love you like i do . " he whispered in to my hair .

"You love me ? " i asked niall 

" of coarse i do love , now lets go . " he said , letting , picking up my duffle bag , and talking his larger hand in my smaller hand . 

" to the unknown " i whispered walking towards , the train , waiting for us.....



How was that guys , tell me if you liked it or not , i need to know :) 

love ya caitlin x

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