Going Down

A young woman continually dreams about a young man, but soon finds out se might be related to him.


1. Dream

I look around and see a young man standing in the corner by himself. I walk over and he turned around as if he knew I was coming. He looked straight at me and I instantly knew we had a connection. "Follow me," he said. "What's your name?" I asked. "Jason," he said. "We'll, show me what you want to show me," I said. He brought me out of the club and a couple blocks down. He was a total stranger, but I felt a strong trust towards him. He brought me into an apartment, his I'm guessing. He told me to wait there while he changes quickly. I waited, but then my curiosity got the best of me, I peeked in and saw him changing in the mirror. He just happened to be totally naked. I got this odd feeling in my stomach, then I realized I was getting wet. I was getting really horny. I slid my hand into my skirt. I slid my fingers in and out and starting moaning, I didn't realize how loud I was until I saw Jason standing in the doorway, a bulge growing in his pants. I suddenly really wanted to have his dick in me, I really wanted it. I was a virgin and never had really wanted to have sex, but I knew what I wanted right then. "Make love to me," I said. He already had his pants down and was laying me on his bed. He took off my shirt and skirt and admired my matching bra and panties. He slid his hand on my back and unhooked my bra. He slid his thumbs over my nipples and put his mouth to them and started sucking. I moaned in pleasure as he moved downward and slid my panties down to my ankles. I flicked his tongue on my clot and it was the best feeling I ever had. I moaned and grabbed at the sheets. I came and I sat up and took his dick and sucked on it. It got so hard and I was ready. I led it to my clit and rubbed it up and down, then led it in, I moaned in pain and pleasure, as this was my first time. I started thrusting in and out and that was the best I felt in my life. "I'm about to come!" We said in unison. He said,"Lets do it together," we said in unison once again. As he continually pumped we both let go. I suddenly bolted upright, "oh fuck!" I said. "I'm not on birth control and we aren't wearing a condom!" "It's OK," he said. "NO IT'S NOT!" I said. I suddenly sat up breathing hard and realized it was all a dream. But, why was my clit sore and I had a MAN'S cum all over me? "Oh, Fuck!" I said.
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