This movella will be made out of various poems. Each "chapter" will be a new poem that I've written... enjoy!


17. What I've Become

~~I've come to rely on a razor blade,

I've come to be terrified of my mind and what it can do to me,

most people see me as completely fine,

or just a little sad,

they don't know the underlying war that I'm losing.

my time will be up soon,

yet sooner then they think.

my act is truly fading.

this world has truly destroyed me,

and bit by bit I'm edging closer to my end,

not by a tragic accident,

or anything of the sort.

but by my own hand.

A/N: hey guys. I wrote this poem a few months ago and I hope you enjoy it. let me know your thoughts on it. <3 stay strong lovelies.

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