This movella will be made out of various poems. Each "chapter" will be a new poem that I've written... enjoy!


13. Dying

Dying to fit in,

Puking every night,

Cutting wrists, 



Anything to get the pain away,

"Attention seeking"

Yet she/he just wants to fit in,

Even if they die trying,

Names still get called though,

 And depression kicks in,

Gotta get out now,

Thoughts change,

They just want out of the nightmare called life,

Wanting to escape everyone and everything, 

Even if they die trying,

Slowly fading,

Slowly becoming less,

Losing all hope, 

Still looking for escape no matter what,

Even if they die trying,

We are society,

We kill off our own kind,

Is that such a great world like we make it out to be?

A place where people don't want to be here cause they're in pain,

Just think,

Because all of us are

Slowly dying.


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