This movella will be made out of various poems. Each "chapter" will be a new poem that I've written... enjoy!


21. Do Something

 Pushed away from everyone,
 I didn’t choose this,
 Nor did anyone else,
 I don’t know what makes me so different,
 As they all point and laugh,
 Is it my talent?
 Is it my style?
 This is a supposed to be a school where individuality is something great,
 Not where individuality is something wrong.
 Not where individuality determines if you get put down or not.
 Not where groups attack each other.
 Where did the joy of being you go?
 Well you know what?
 I have a voice too!
 And I won’t let this happen!
 Too many people are lost day by day from this and it needs to end.
 I will be who I want to be,
 Even if I have to walk alone.   

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