Forever And Always

4 girls by the name of Erin, Kendra, Brooklyn, and Ashley move to London to go to College. What happens when they run into the 5 boys of the name One Direction? Will it be love at first sight? Find out in this story.


8. The Movies.

Brooklyn's POV:

I woke up, and snuck out of Louis' arms. I got up, and saw Harry already up and making breakfast. "It smells good in here!" I said. "It's MY cooking. Of course it does!" Harry said, chuckling. I laughed "I've heard that you're an amazing cook." I said. "Wanna find out yourself?" He asked, handing me a pancake. I took a bite, and dang it was good! "Damn, Styles this is amazing!" I said, laughing. "I know." He said, smiling. "DIMPLES!" I yelled, poking one of his dimples. "Those are Kendra's property!" He said, instantly covering his mouth. "HARRY! Do you have a crush on her?!" I said smiling. "No- Maybe- I don't know. She's so gorgeous and sweet. But I just met her!" He said, obviously confused. "Well, don't deny that you like her. Just don't rush into things." I said. "Thanks love. That really helped!" He said, smiling. At that time Kendra walked down the hall. "What are we talking about?" She asked. "Oh nothing." I said, walking down the hall to my room to wake Lou up. "LOUIS GET UP NOW! BREAKFAST IS READY!" I said, jumping on him. "NO!" He yelled throwing a pillow at me. "GAH!" I yelled falling off the bed, into the floor. "Holy crap, didn't know I threw it that hard!" Louis said, helping me up while laughing. "That wasn't funny!" I said, while laughing. "Then why are you laughing?!" He asked. "I'm allowed too!" I said. "Okay..." He said. We went to the kitchen, and fixed a plate of food. We all sat down and ate. "Um, Brooklyn?" I heard Louis say. "Yeah?" I asked. "Would you like to go to the movies? I mean just as friends." He asked, nervously. "Sure! Sounds like fun!" I said, getting up and poking his cheek.
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