Forever And Always

4 girls by the name of Erin, Kendra, Brooklyn, and Ashley move to London to go to College. What happens when they run into the 5 boys of the name One Direction? Will it be love at first sight? Find out in this story.


4. The Mall

Kendra's POV:

We got to the mall, and started walking around. "LET'S GO IN FOREVER 21!!!!!" Erin yelled, as she pulled us all in there. We walked around, and we all found some shirts and jeans. We bought them, and decided to get something to eat. We walked into the foodcourt and a couple of guys were checking us out. They started whistling at us. Erin and Brooklyn go pissed. They walked over to the guys and started to yell at them. "WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO WHISTLE AT US." Erin yelled. "GET SOME RESPECT YOU FAGS." Brooklyn yelled. They both walked over to me and Ashley. "Woah, nice bro!" Me and Ashldy high-fived them. "Can we get food now???" Ashley asked. "Okay! NANDOS!" I yelled. We walked over to the nandos both and got some. We walked around for a few hours, and got clothes. We left the mall, and we called a taxi, and drove to our flat. We payed the the driver, and walked into the elevator. We got to our flat, unlocked the door, and walked in. I stopped dead in my tracks. "SH! Sombody is in here!!" I wispered. "What the heck??" Erin wispered back. Ashley snuck around the corner, and looked back at us with wide eyes. "What??" Brooklyn wispered to her. "One Direction is in our flat!!" She said. Ashley walked around the corner and said "How the fuck did you get here????" "We found the key under your rug, babe." Zayn said to her, and he winked at her. She blushed. "I'll take that." Niall said, taking Erin's Nandos bag out of her hand. "Um, no." Erin said, taking it back. "I wouldn't take her food if I was you." I said to him, laughing." "And why is that?" He said to me. "Um, well if it was legal, she'd marry food." I said, still laughing. "It's true." Erin said. We all sat down and ate.
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