Forever And Always

4 girls by the name of Erin, Kendra, Brooklyn, and Ashley move to London to go to College. What happens when they run into the 5 boys of the name One Direction? Will it be love at first sight? Find out in this story.


7. Sleeping Alone Or Together?

Brooklyn's POV:

After truth or dare, we all got tired. "Wow, I'm tired." I said yawning. "Me too." "Me three." "So pretty much all of us?" Erin said, coming down the stairs. "Yeah." Kendra said. "Well, I guess we better be heading back to our flat." Zayn said. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. I am NOT sleeping alone after watching that movie." Ashley said, grabbing Zayn's arm and pulling him back. "I second that." Kendra said, holding onto Harry's arm. "Third that." I said, grabbing Louis' arm. "And I fourth that." Erin said, grabbing Niall's arm. We all laughed. "So, you guys want 4 guys, that you just met, to stay with you?" Louis said, laughing. "Hey, technically we've known you for a while. DIRECTIONERS HERE." Kendra said. They all started laughing. "You guys have fun. I'm going to MY bed." Liam said. "Bye Lee-yum!" All of us said, as we heard the door shut. We all went to our rooms. I walked down the hall, and opened my door. I layed in my bed, and Louis put a pillow and blanket in the floor. "What the hell are you doing?" I said, laughing. "Laying in the floor?" He said. "Um, I am not sleeping in the bed alone. You get your ass up here." I said. "Well, okay." He said, picking up the pillow and blanket and putting them back on the bed. He turned out the light, and got into the bed. I crawled over to him, and snuggled. "What are you doing?" He asked. "I'm cold." I said. I soon fell asleep in his warm arms.

Kendra's POV:

I walked to my room, with Harry behind me. "Wow, nice room." He said, chuckling. "Hey! I'm going furniture shopping tomorrow! This room is gonna look like me!" I said, twirling around. He laughed, and said "Then it will be perfect" He winked at me. I blushed. "You're cute when you blush." He said. I blushed harder. I changed into sweats and a shirt. I layed in the bed, and so did Harry. I moved closer to him, and noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt. "Whoa, no shirt?" I asked. "problem?" He asked. "Not at all." I said, winking at him. I fell asleep, while he was stroking my hair.

Ashley's POV:

I walked into the room, beside Kendra's. "Wow, this room is boring." Zayn said. "I'm going to decorate it tomorrow with the girls!" I said, laughing. "Okay, just make it look less boring." He said, chuckling. I went into the bathroom, and changed into some shorts and a tank-top. I walked back into my room to see a shirtless Zayn laying in my bed. "Like what you see?" He asked, chuckling. "Eh." I said. I walked to the bed, and crawled in it. I scooted over to Zayn, and put my head on his chest. We layed there talking about random things, when I felt his hands grab my chin and face my face to him. He leaned in and kissed me. I pulled away after a few seconds. "I-I-I don't know why I did that...." He stuttered. "Don't worry about it. I leaned in and pecked his cheek.

Erin's POV:

I walked up stairs and opened my bedroom door.  I liked up rooms. They give me more privacy. "When are you gonna decorate?" Niall asked. "Tomorrow with the girls." I said, smiling. I layed in my bed. "I'm gonna lay in the floor." Niall said. "You don't have to. you can lay in my bed." I  said, giggling. "You sure?" He asked. "I can't sleep alone! I'm scared outta my mind!" I said, laughing. He layed in the bed, and I scooted closer to him. I put my head on his chest, and we talked about ourselves until I fell asleep in his cozy arms.

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