Forever And Always

4 girls by the name of Erin, Kendra, Brooklyn, and Ashley move to London to go to College. What happens when they run into the 5 boys of the name One Direction? Will it be love at first sight? Find out in this story.


9. A date?

Brooklyn's POV:

Louis had asked me to go to the movies with him today. As friends. I wish it coud've been more than friends, but oh well. "ERIN! GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE!" I yelled. "HOLD YOUR TITS!" She yelled back. She walked into my room, and we started talking. "Woman, what do you want??" She asked. "Louis asked me to go to the movies with him, so your gonna help me get ready!" I said to her. "What if I don't wanna?" She asked. "Too bad, you're going too!" I said, pulling her over to the closet. She threw a purple crop top at me, with white skinny jeans, and chocolate brown flats at me. "TRY THIS ON!" She said. "okay!" I walked into the bathroom, and put it on. I walked out and started to twirl around. "Does it look good??" She asked. "It looks sexy on you babe!" Erin said, laughing. "What time is the date?" She asked. "1!" I said. "Okay, well it's 12 right now, so let me do your makeup and hair!" She said, pushing me in the chair at my desk. She did a waterfall braid in my hair. Then she turned me away from the mirror, and grabbed all my makeup. She put on foundation, then she put on light colored eye shadow, then put on gray eyeliner. After that she put on my mascara. "DON'T GET ANY ON MY FACE!" I yelled at her. "Don't worry! I'm a pro!" she said, laughing. "Aaaand, done!" She said, and she twirled me around. "You look stunning babe." She said, smiling. "Thanks! You think Louis will think so too?" I asked, worried. "Of course boo!" She said. "Thanks!" I said. I walked downstairs and Louis was sitting on the couch. "I'm ready Lou!" I said. He turned around, and his mouth started to hang open. "Is.. There something wrong?? Has my makeup smeared??" I said, nervously. "No, it's just that, you look amazing." He said. "Thanks!" I said, blushing. We got up, and walked out hand in hand. We decided we would walk to movies. When we got in, we went to get our tickets. "What movie are we watching?" I asked him. "Mama!" He said. "Oh good! I love scary movies." I said. We got our tickets, and we got a meduim popcorn, a large Dr. pepper and 2 boxes of skittles. We got our seats in the very back. The movie started, and about halfway through the movie he grabbed both of my hands, and looked me straight in the eye and he said "Brooklyn, I like you a lot. And I want you to be my sweetheart. Will you?" "Of course Louis!" I said, as he leaned over and kissed me. Never had it felt so perfect with a guy before.
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