Forever And Always

4 girls by the name of Erin, Kendra, Brooklyn, and Ashley move to London to go to College. What happens when they run into the 5 boys of the name One Direction? Will it be love at first sight? Find out in this story.


1. Moving Day!

Erin's POV:

I stood in my room. I was closing up the last box. I'm gonna miss this place. Let me fill you in. I am 18 years old, and I'm moving to London. I got accepted into a University with my 3 best friends. We were all going together. We lived in New York City. I loved it here, but felt it was time for a change. I heard my phone start to play She's Not Afraid, so I knew it was Kendra calling. "Hello?" I answer. "Hey babe! We're all outside, say by to your family and get your butt out here!" She says. "Alright, alright. Calm yo tits!" I say, as I started to laugh. I hung up the phone, and called my brother to help me carry all my boxes to the car. Once I had gotten them all to the car, I walked into my kitchen. My mom and dad were there and they started to tear up. 'Oh, honey I'm going to miss you so much!" My mom says as she engulfs me in a hug. "Awh, mom don't cry! You'll make me cry too!" I saw hugging her back. My dad walked over and joined the hug. I hugged them both sperately then told them I loved them. I walked over to my younger brother, and put him in a headlock. "You know, I'm gonna miss being able to beat you up all the time." I saw laughing. "You don't win, ALL the time." He says. "Most. I'm gonna miss you!" I say, giving him a hug. "I'm gonna miss you too!" He says. "Promise me you'll skype me?" I say. "Of course! I love you!" He says. "I love you too!" I say back. I walked out the door, and got in the passanger side of the car. Ashley started the car, and we drove off. We had to get to the airport, which was a 2 hour drive away. "LET'S PLAY SOME MUSIC! ONE DIRECTION?!" I yell. "YES! THIS IS MAH JAAAAMMMM!" Brooklyn says, as She's Not Afraid comes on. We all start to sing, and try to waste the 2 hours until we arrive at the airport.


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