Unknown Desires

A man went to visit a young half-vampire girl telling her and her fathers clan what was to come. When the girl comes to a certain age she meets 2 new vampets their not her kind. She can choose one who will lead her to 2 different destiny's and she will choose her path to the War of the Death between the Vampires and vampets. Who will she choose? What will happen? Read to find out.......


3. The Coffin of Flames

Steven was confused when my father had said the word "Lord" but he looked satisfied and pleased by the attention.

"Uh Lord? What do you mean 'lord'? I mean your the Lord of the Vampires right?" asked Steven 

My father sighed as if suddenly annoyed by Steven but not really. My father took a deep breath before he spoke. "Son when I perish you will lead my people my Vampire army to Victory against the Vampets  but you shall take my place. And so you shall be known as Lord my son, and I've put you in second command." Steven looked evil but happy at the turn of events. My father frowned as said "But...to see if your the true chosen one you must first pass a trial." my father looked intently at Steven for his answer.

Steven thought about this first and then nodded and made an effort to smile. "Alright," Steven said "Lets do this." I turn to look at Steven's face he looks relaxed and but he has worry in his eyes.

"Lets get into the processes now were running late," Destiny sneered. We followed him down the halls like if this was his home but no. Somehow i'm getting somewhat annoyed with this man. I really am.

I jingled the door but it wouldn't bust."The door is locked." I say to my father

My father shakes his head at the stupidity he must have forgotten that the door required a key. I don't blame my father for forgetting he has much much important things to worry about but I love my father. "Ah, your lucky I have a pair of keys with me today." said Destiny. Yes, indeed I am growing out of patience with Destiny and growing big annoyance with him. He hands me the key I shake my head not afraid to show my disgust for this man.

I enter the key into the key slot and twist the key and push the door open. I sneak a look inside and then push the door wider. And surely there lies the Coffin of flames in the middle of the room. We all walk inside the room. Steven's body tenses next to mine, I hold his hand. "Go on in son, this is your trial don't worry if you survive the Coffin of Flames then your the chosen one and you'll be forever with my daughter. You have to survive." says my father

Steven's face is serious but somewhat determined he has to survive, he will and must survive. I want to say something to make Steven trust us with this he'll listen to me no matter what happens. "Go in Steve," I encourage him. I turn to smile at him he squeezes my hand and nods I kiss his lips gently and slowly remove my hand from his we stare at each other for a few seconds then he smiles one of those irresistible crooked smiles with mischievous eyes. I turn to face my father he too is serious but his eyes say exited I don't want to see Destiny i'll deal with that man later Steven better survive this.

Steven carefully climbs the 6 small stairs slowly and looked back at us to see if we are still there. I nod "We'll all be here. Don't keep me waiting." I purr and wink at him

Destiny sighs annoyed "Go on boy. Climb in and close the lid i'll start the flames." says Destiny. Finally Steven hurriedly climbs into the coffin and closes the lid.

Once the lid closes there's no going back now. I stare at the coffin thinking of all the possibility's that can happen if Steven does or doesn't make it back alive. Destiny speaks which brings me back into reality. "Let the flames began!" he yells. There was complete silence then a small moaning noise came warning us that fire would be here soon.

Finally, the coffin was burning with flames and vicious flare. I didn't hear anything for a while then i started to panic. My father knew what I was up to he held me back grabbing my wrist tightly but firmly. Then the least expected happened Steven was actually laughing like a total lunatic. I started giggling at Steven. I looked at my father his tight lips turned into a slight grin then he broke off chuckling at Steven too. Destiny just shook his head at us and our craziness.

I ran up the small stairs to open the coffin and hug Steven. When I lifted the lid Steven popped out and picked me up and twirled me and him around. Then I put both of my hands on both sides of his face and kissed him passionately. Destiny coughed and I flushed in embarrassed. I've only known him for a few hours and i'm already getting to this far with him...

Steven was very excited and he had a smile on his face. "Good job, my lord." said my father. Steven's smile widened

"See I knew he was the one," said Destiny "Now I shall go, good bye everyone." the man left and I was somehow relieved that he did. 

"Now Zelda, sweetheart I need you to blood Steven before it's too late. He can't be a Vampet he must be Vampire." I nod and take a hold of Steven's hand and guide Steven where I can blood him. My room-our room when where there I tell him to remove his sweatshirt so that the processes won't be to hard to do. "My father was going to blood you so you can have royal blood but I told him that I wanted to do it he didn't agree but he knew you'd rather want me to do it and so he only had to say yes!" I say.

He smiles. "Okay my princesses but after you blood me what happens to us?" he winks at me. I don't understand but then when I do I blush at the thought when I got what he meant about what will happen to "us" I shake my head. He frowns "Please only for a little bit?"

"Steven I  just met you, please this takes time and this will be a pain you'll have to be at rest for a week! Now stop taking advantage of stuff to have sex, your only 16." I say to Steven 

He frowns again. "Okay but I'll be waiting," he pauses as to say something else but shakes his head to clear it then nods and smiles a mocking smile.

I turn serious. "Now enough messing around I need to blood you my father wishes to speak with you."

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