Unknown Desires

A man went to visit a young half-vampire girl telling her and her fathers clan what was to come. When the girl comes to a certain age she meets 2 new vampets their not her kind. She can choose one who will lead her to 2 different destiny's and she will choose her path to the War of the Death between the Vampires and vampets. Who will she choose? What will happen? Read to find out.......


2. One choice

But back to the obvious Steven is a Vampet and i'm a Vampire. This must be some sick joke of Destiny, but I really like Steven and I already chose Steven not Darren so there's only one thing to do blood Steven to become a half-Vampire and get rid of all the half-Vampet out of his body. So I pull Steven aside and talk to him about the whole thing. He'll do anything it takes to stay with me so he agrees to do it, through the corner of my eyes I think I saw Darren sort-of jealous or annoyed. But blooding a person isn't hard but its the processes of the blooding. But I've kept lost of time it's breaking dawn the suns popping out of the clouds. I need to go.

Steven tags along, I decide to take him home. Destiny is probably at my hell of a home awaiting Steven to enter the Coffin of Flames. But what to do about Darren? I decide to tell him I can't do anything about him and can't take him with me. I have some of my mother's powers but they're weak, I have a little bit of telling the future and I got a glimpse of Steven's future and saw who the Vampet prince to fight against Steven in the place of the Lord of the Shadows would be and it's Darren. But I can't say anything to Darren nor Steven nor anybody, I have to follow the rules my mom follows of telling the future.

After I tell Darren that I have to go he agrees and tells me he'll go live with his original creator. Gavandar. I hiss when I hear that name. Why? Because that man spent centuries and centuries trying to kill my father, I despise that man and hate Gavandar with a passion. Darren kissed my cheek it was a warm sweet kiss, he bowed, smiled and then walked into the horizon leaving me and Steven alone.

"Come on," I say "I want you to meet my parents." Together we walked through the streets until we made it to the entrance of  the secret tunnel to where all my father's Vampire clan and army lie within. For the first time ever i'm glad to be home. Darius, one of my father's Vampire soldier and protector sees me enter. "Hello princesses." he says "Your father is waiting for you with a guest." I was right Destiny is here. I went straight to where our last meeting was. The lair.

Surely my father was there with Destiny. Both had there head cocked down they were speaking quickly but quietly. When I opened the door wider it creaked and then both there heads shot straight up and Destiny smiled walking toward me and Steven.

"Ah," said Destiny "I see you have picked and found Steven."

"Yes," I answer "I've found him." I smile turning to Steven and kissed his cheek. I turn to face my father. He looks happy to see me happy but his body tells a different story hes tense. It scares me to see him like that.

"Darren got to him first didn't he?" asked my father. When Steven heard what my father said he had a confused look on his face. My father saw that so he asked something else. "Steven son would you like to become a Vampire?" he asked wryly 

Steven was somewhat happy to be accepted by my father. "Yes, I would really like to." he said smiling a mischievous smile.

"Now that Steven's in the picture," Destiny says "The War of the Death is close to begin in our future."

After a moment of silence my father spoke. "Alright Steven, it's time to blood you my Lord." 

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