Unknown Desires

A man went to visit a young half-vampire girl telling her and her fathers clan what was to come. When the girl comes to a certain age she meets 2 new vampets their not her kind. She can choose one who will lead her to 2 different destiny's and she will choose her path to the War of the Death between the Vampires and vampets. Who will she choose? What will happen? Read to find out.......


4. Blooding a Lord

I lift Steven's hands palms up almost like claws. I made tiny cuts on his finger tips big enough that small blood amounts can ooze out. I used a small knife Steven winced from times to times but his body was relaxed. I then did the same to my finger tips making the exact cuts and letting the blood ooze out freely. I lift my hands and imitate Steven's, I put my finger on top of Steven's so that the cuts can touch. When my blood met with his blood that's when the blooding starts. My blood enters his system almost quickly and his blood does the same I push my finger tips harder against his to make the processes quicker. After 3 minutes I removed my hands from his. I licked my finger tips and the cuts disappeared I tell Steven to do the same."Do I have like super spit now?" asked Steven excited 

I laugh."Yes, exciting isn't it," I say "Now come one you need to talk to my father."

"About what?" asks Steven curious

"Good question, he needs to explain details, such as laws of Vampires and some about Vampets and he'll answer any of your questions." I say causally. He nods

"Will I see you later?" asked Steven

"Ooh yes, sire." I wink but then I bite my lip i'm not sure if I should say this to Steven and I don't want to start out lying to Steven like this I never want to lie to him. "Um...Steven just for a heads up your friend Darren and his kind the Vampets are currently in the middle of war."

That set Steven off guard how could it be that just less then 15 hours ago he was super close to his best friend and now he hears news that he'll have to fight against him. I shouldn't feel pity for him so I decide to usher Steven to where my father should be. In the Vampire meeting room. When I go through the door to my surprise Destiny is there I guess he decided to to leave. Steven after the blood changed quite a bit. His eyes were a sexy velvet and his hair was up in soft spikes. He was wearing khakis and a black polo shirt hes still that 16 year old Steven Laniez.

My father, Destiny and Steven were in the conference room for more than 2 hours I was hid behind a hollow in the walls I was eavesdropping and to my surprise Steven was yelling. I had a feeling that this was going to happen. Why? Because my father and Destiny had told Steven about how Steven had lied to Steven to get him killed that way Darren could be the Lord of the Shadows and so that the Vampires would loose the War of the Death and go extinct. 

"WHAT THE HELL!?" boomed Steven. Steven took a deep breath then sighed. "So let me get this straight Darren didn't go back to me so that I could turn my dreams of being a Vampire come true? He just came back so he could kill me in order to lead the Vampets into victory? That's sick." I don't blame Steven to get like this now Steven feels turn down and lied too. 

"Son, calm down Darren didn't know that you two were going to run into each other. Why? because Darren wanted to be the one to be with my daughter now please son you must understand and mustn't react like this." said my father 

It sounded like Steven slapped something boom! then I decided to get out of the hollow hole in the wall and walked into the room. I stared at my father and nodded I knew what was to come next.

"Zelda honey you do know your not going to fight right?" whispered my father

"Huh. Oh yeah I knew dhat." I said not meeting my fathers eyes

"Zelda?" said my father stern now

"What? I need to go help mom now." I said

"No. I know your planning on being there when we battle against the Vampets but you must know that i'm not going to allow that." he sighed

"Maybe but even if I do you won't be able to stop me!" 

"Ah yes I will do you not understand that your protection is all that matters to me yours and your mothers safety but now Steven is included now." 

My sight was now blurry. I'm crying." I don't give a damn father we all know that if I got out there Darius and Castor(my fathers protectors) won't protect me only you" I shout. Once I said it we both knew that it was true any Vampire my father owns which is every Vampire they would give up there lives in order to save the Lord (my father). I wipe my eyes with the back of my palm then see Stevens staring at me sincerely and destiny studding me carefully. I stand up to leave. I hear Steven trying to follow me but my father stops him he knows better than to follow me and he knows that I will never change my mind into stepping out of the fight."No son, leave her alone." said my father

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