Unknown Desires

A man went to visit a young half-vampire girl telling her and her fathers clan what was to come. When the girl comes to a certain age she meets 2 new vampets their not her kind. She can choose one who will lead her to 2 different destiny's and she will choose her path to the War of the Death between the Vampires and vampets. Who will she choose? What will happen? Read to find out.......


1. The Start...♥

Have you ever asked yourself if some or all myths are true? Well I have. I believe fairies, unicorns and dragons are myths but maybe maybe true. What about Vampires? Now that's a different story. I'm Zelda Leopard. And this...this is my world.


Yes, yes i'm a Vampire well at least a half one, my father is a real Vampire and my mother is a witch. But I have most of my father's genes in me. I will become a full grown Vampire when I come of age. I'm currently 14 years old and a full grown Vampire is when you turn 17 or 18 because I got blooded I was not born a Vampire and my father put some of his blood into my body. But until some years pass my Vampire blood inside my body will get thick that's when I'll be a full-Vampire. My mother can see into the future but she gave me a hint that I'll mature quicker than most of the other kids that are born like me. I then begged her to tell me when when that would happen. But she can't its because of the laws of telling the future has and if she tells me then she'd brake the laws completely and this would happen: The whole universe would be sent into major chaos with deadly, ugly beasts of mysterious and unknown creatures.And did I mention my fathers the Lord of the Vampires?

No? Anyways no that doesn't make me a princesses. Not yet anyways. I will if I find a mate but I don't want to until i'm full grown. I don't like anybody, all the Vampires are like my blood to me its kinda crazy! But that might also be because I only know the Vampire from our place, there's Vampires all around the world. I've talked to my father into letting me visit the "human" school and search for my mate there. But of course he rejected the idea. "Absolutely NOT! Zelda Vampets are out there and they'd kill you. You need protection so you need to stay here,"he sighed "And I know your stronger than them but I'll consider it. Now please go." After that I kinda lost hope my father will always keep me safe and will never consider it.Then I went to train.             You must think i'm a sweet little goody-two-shoes.Well...WRONG! I'm really not. I'm considered deadly by other Vampires. They admire when I kill. I'm only 14 but so what? There's this little man called Destiny he can travel through time and hes very powerful. He came to us 2 years ago when I was only 12 and told my father and his Vampire clan of what I was to become. That when I come to a certain age I would become destructible when I get all my powers and all hell would brake loose. I was to pick 1 of 2 guys who will come my way and become my mate and I was to marry him. And that he would fight in the War of the Death against the one chosen Vampet to become the Lord of the Shadows. But before if my father perished then my mate would then also become the new ruler of the Vampires. And to prove that my mate was the chosen one he'd have to enter the Coffin of Flames. If he is the chosen one then he would he designated to become the Lord of the Vampires and the Lord of the Shadows. But not to mention that the chosen mate would also have to survive the Coffin of Flames.

The Vampets started the War because they thought the way that we fed was unfair and not vulnerable. You see when we Vampires taste blood we can never stop feeding until our source is dry and empty. In other words we kill. On the other hand the Vampets do not kill all they do is take a drop here than a drop here leaving the person alive. At first the Vampets and the Vampires lived together because we thought we were some what 'cousins' but that was 75 years ago we lived together for 12 years but the Vampets disliked how us Vampires fed and so then we separated making a truce that as long as we never fight or look for promise there won't be War so we had no opinion in fighting so the Vampires agreed but after 10 years of the truce things have been getting ugly between the Vampets and Vampires. 

I'm so done! I can't stand being trapped underground! So I just decided to go above ground to feed.When I hunt I have a way...feeding from males keeps me looking beautiful and really young. I don't look 14 and that's because I only age every 5 years so I look really young I can pass for a 6th grader but if I were human I'd be around 26 years old. Of course I am very beautiful more beautiful than any Vampire and that's because i'm the only Vampire female ever.I have light chocolate skin and I act very mature almost as a teenage young adult. But I have the body of a older women...so I can attract older men. So I go into my room to change into my favorite tight leather skinny jeans with a V-neck dark purple mini shirt showing my belly.I let my light brown long curls down and my Mary Jane skull flats. Lipstick the color of dried blood and lastly my beautiful floor length cape jacket. I look sexy! Every Vampire I passed stared. They desire me.

Finally outside I spin into a circle happy to be free. Until dawn took place. I walked past some drunk guys making sure my face wasn't spotted but my body in full view. There were only 2. Only 1 followed me. I smiled to myself that i'd caught my lunch.I walked down 3 more blocks when the man pulled out something out of his pocket. A knife.The knife was small but thick. I have to kill now. On purpose I drop my purse and took out my own weapons two shooting stars. He was about to strike me with the knife when he was close enough my super unnatural reflexes thrashed the two shooting stars at him. One star hit his head ans shot through his brain the other hit his knee and then he died. I could smell and hear two hearts as in two people are near but not people.Vampires? Vampets? I can't tell their scents are new to me. They are watching me. Are they spying on me? I can hear them whispering and feel their stares. I pretended not to notice them so I began to feed on my prey. When I was finished I looked for my cape jacket since I left it behind a bush so that I could feed when I found it I put it on. I found me a bench. I walked on top of the bench's back to think about these two people. Is it time to choose my mate? Or are these other people? Maybe the time has come to meet my mate. Hmm ..          

Before I can think of anything else they walk out. Two boys around 15 or 16 maybe younger one was tall and skinny but good looking, the other was much shorter around my height and was more plump but perfect than the other his features were very handsome almost beautiful. But when they came more into sight I some what recognize these two but they were much younger. After Destiny left to tell the prophecy to my father I went out to feed and I saw the two boys walking in the streets at night. But I caught a whole glimpse of each of their faces and features and then before I can study them I got attacked by Vampets and I never saw them until tonight. So Destiny put them in my path so that I'd see what two chooses i'd have but I never knew that. Destiny is a very sneaky clever man. I stared at the boys seeing which one of them would be my chose I like the second one.    

 "Hello," said the tall one "My name is Dareen. And this is Steven my friend." he waved to the one I like. I hesitated for a moment then I decided to answer the two boys.                                        "Hello," I purred                                                                                                                           "That was amazing," said Steve. I smiled at his response."I didn't know other Vampets lived by." my features darkened they're Vampets I should have known Vampets eyes are light green and Vampires have different shade of a beautiful purple.                                                                                   "Well i'm not a Vampet," I said icily "I'm a Vampire." Once I said it they stayed quiet as if confused. I finally spoke somewhat kinda annoyed. "Who are you two anyways?" without hesitation Darren spoke. " I got turned into a Vampet two weeks ago and today I came back to blood Steven." I nodded and turned to face Steven who was staring at me. I think I like him. He spoke to me. "How come your eyes are purple?" he spoke softly dazed by my features. I was going to lie but I didn't. "Vampires have different eye colors than Vampets," I answered causally. Turn again to study Steven I know hes the one I should chose. All these long 75 years of never falling in love have ended now. I'm in love! 

"Darren. Why don't you go get your stuff?" Steven suggested. Darren nodded to Steven turned to face me winked then left. When finally Darren was out of ear shot Steven spoke. "Your very beautiful, You know," he said softly looking into eyes. I smiled warmly. "and I like...u."he after trailed of looking at the floor shy. He said that so sweetly and I want to respond so I speak.             "I like you too Steven." I whisper looking into the far distance. In the corner of my eye I saw his head lift and he looked at me but I didn't turn my head around.Not yet. Steven is a good person. "But I should warn you. I'm evil i'm a killer" I then turned my head to see his reaction I was searching fear but I only saw hope. He thought of what to say for a moment than shrugged and smiled."I'm as deadly as you are." he said."I don't care I want to be with you." his smiles widens I return the smile "So you'd be with me always?" I said wryly afraid of his response. Quickly he answered "Yes! just you and me." he said "Please?" I thought is this what I really want. As in him. Forever?...Yes!                                                                                                                                                             

"Uh well okay." I said "My name is Zelda. Princesses of Midnight." I smile. His eyes brighten.      "So your a princesses?" he asked curious                                                                                     "Technically until I find my mate but my father is the Lord of the Vampires." without warning Steven pulls me toward him and kisses me full on the mouth! Of course it's not my first kiss back then I used to date some of my fathers Vampires they were some of an interest. But this feels different. Its a stolen kiss.

After a minute or two Darren came back. Everything was going good until Darren told me who his creator was. Gavandar. Gavandar is a Vampet who kills Vampires.



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