The Perfect Match 15+ (Completed)

Summary: Niall Horan is the epitome of bad news. After his mother passes away, he finds himself in the battle with drugs and alcohol. With jeopardy of not graduating his senior year, his teacher Ms. Aleman pairs him with tutor Aubrey Osborn, daughter of a man who may know Niall a bit too well. Ms. Aleman thinks Aubrey and Niall are the perfect match, but their histories beg to differ. On top of it, Aubrey is applying to the most competitive schools in the nation, while Niall could care less about a higher education. Two teenagers. Two hearts. Two stories. Will it be the perfect match?

i'm not responsible for the bad language & sexual scenes. it's left upon yourself to read this fan-fic. your choice, not mine. (:
This Isn't My Fanfic >.<
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I Just Really Liked The Story (:


6. Chapter 6 (:


Aubrey’s P.O.V.

After Louis gathers his belongings from the locker room, he meets me outside to go home. My father invited him over for dinner today, which meant we had to pretend nothing happened Saturday. As I said before, my father is overly stressed from his job. Oh, I guess I never mentioned it, but Daddy is a cop, and with all the criminals he faces everyday, the worst he needs to hear is his daughter is having trouble with the only boy he trusts her with. The ride home is rather quiet, and I guess after the fight on Saturday, Louis and I only grew further apart.

“Baby, we need to talk,” he says to break the silence. I focus my attention on the road and cross my arms angrily. “I know you’re upset about Saturday, but baby, with the tournaments nearing, I guess I’ve been stressed a lot, and like an asshole, I took it out on you.” While he continues driving, he places a hand on my thigh and rubs it gently. “As much as I need time with you, I need time with the boys, too, and when they invited me to the party, I took the offer.” When we pull into my driveway, I recognize the spot where Niall Horan almost kissed me. It was stupid, actually, how no matter what the hell Louis was saying, all I could think about was that stupid kiss that never happened. He parks the car and turns to face me. Louis is still devilishly good looking from the moment I met him. It hurts to face him now. “Look, Aubrey, I want it to work out. I want us to work out, but you need to forgive me. I made a mistake, and I love you enough to apologize. In a few months, I imagine us in college together: me sneaking into your dorm, you helping me study until the morning. What happened to that? What happened to us?”


When I understand what he’s saying, I sigh because he’s right. We were stressed, and it drove us further apart. It hurts to look at him now because we used to be head over heels for each other, and now, I could care less if he even passes me by. “Sorry for being uptight, Lou,” I sigh, “but hey, tonight is a new beginning, yeah?”

“I knew you would understand,” he smiles and kisses me on the forehead. It was sweet and reminded me a lot of how my father kisses my mother. “Now, come on, our plates are probably getting cold—”

“Louis, wait,” I mumble and pull on his arm, “I have a question.” He nods his head as for me to go on, and once again, I fiddle the pearl of my necklace. “I’ve been hearing a lot of rumors lately, and I guess I need to clarify them. Is it true you told the soccer team you and I…had sex?” Suddenly, awkwardness fills the atmosphere, and I wish I never asked him. It was obvious Louis would never lie to me and—

“Yes,” he confesses, and I roll my eyes in response. Of course, just when everything was coming together for us, something else had to ruin it. “The boys have been teasing me about you still being a virgin, so I lied to shut them up about it.”

“What’s wrong with being a virgin?” I exclaim. “Louis, all of Meadowview thinks we had sex! How could you lie about something like that?”

“Baby, I wasn’t thinking,” he reasons, “besides, we have been dating for two years, what is so wrong if a few people think we’re having sex? I mean, one day, hopefully very soon, we will, right?”

“I guess,” I mumble, “but Louis, no more lying, alright?”

“Oh, should you really be the one to talk?” he argues. “I see you and Niall Horan have been getting cozy. I hear the rumor is the two of you are having sex!”

“What?” I snap. “I barely met him a week ago, and he took me home during the party because my ‘boyfriend’ was too busy getting drunk with his boys!”

“You know,” he reasons and unbuckles his seat belt, “we obviously will never settle an agreement on this, Aubrey, so how about we drop it, yeah? Besides, your father is over there, so fake a smile because dinner is getting cold.”

I turn to see Daddy on the front porch waving for us to come inside. Despite the chaos from work, he never fails to pretend to be happy when I return home from school, and I guess that’s where I get it from.

You know…pretending to be happy.

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