The Perfect Match 15+ (Completed)

Summary: Niall Horan is the epitome of bad news. After his mother passes away, he finds himself in the battle with drugs and alcohol. With jeopardy of not graduating his senior year, his teacher Ms. Aleman pairs him with tutor Aubrey Osborn, daughter of a man who may know Niall a bit too well. Ms. Aleman thinks Aubrey and Niall are the perfect match, but their histories beg to differ. On top of it, Aubrey is applying to the most competitive schools in the nation, while Niall could care less about a higher education. Two teenagers. Two hearts. Two stories. Will it be the perfect match?

i'm not responsible for the bad language & sexual scenes. it's left upon yourself to read this fan-fic. your choice, not mine. (:
This Isn't My Fanfic >.<
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I Just Really Liked The Story (:


3. Chapter 3 (:


Chapter 3

Niall’s P.O.V.

“Ni,” I feel a large hand nudge me, “wake up, Aubrey is here.” Greg is hovering over me, and I swear, had he not been paying the bills, I would fuck him up for waking me. Fuck, I forgot I had tutoring now. If only my brother had worried about his life instead of mine, I would never have to spend supplemental hours with Aubrey. I mean, Aubrey seems sweet, but my mind warns me to stay the hell away from her. With all the duties from school, she seems overwhelmed with emotions, but perhaps she finds comfort in her love life. Never mind, her boyfriend Louis is a jackass. He and I used to fight a lot in middle school, and ever since he joined the soccer team, all he does is boast around the school about it. I hear he and Aubrey have sex a lot, but no shit, Aubrey is pretty, and I mean really pretty. She has the longest raven hair and these emerald eyes. Her legs, oh man, her legs. They could go on for days.

I push those thoughts to the back of my mind and meet Aubrey in my living room. I figured studying at my flat would have been easier for me in case my neighbor needed me to babysit Baby Lux. I could earn a few bucks from it, right? Aubrey is sitting on the sofa with a book in her lap.

“Are you ready to learn about isotopes?” she asks with a wide smile.


Normally, I would have told her to shut the hell up, but her emerald eyes are sparkling, and no man can say no to her. No wonder Louis dealt with her for two long years. I know about their relationship because though Aubrey may not be popular, Louis was, and word around Meadowview High travels fast.

“Isotopes,” I say, “two or more elements with the similar number of protons but different numbers of neutrons.”

“Right,” she beams, “now if you open your study guide to page seven, there are a few practice problems Ms. Aleman suggested we do together.” I shuffle the study guide to page seven obediently and attempt the problems. A few are harder than the others, and I have to ask Aubrey for help. When she explains the problems to me, she is very patient and never loses her cool. She talks with her hands a lot, and it reminds me of my mother. Odd enough, I like studying with Aubrey, but who am I kidding? She probably dreads every second.

“You caught on sooner than I expected,” she muses, biting her lip, and for some reason, I wonder what biting her lip tastes like, “maybe we should move on to the next lesson, yeah?”

I nod my head and turn to the next page in the book. It says some shit about hybridization. Aubrey opens her mouth to begin the lesson, but a phone call interrupts her. She pulls her phone from her purse and reads the caller I.D. She turns to me, and once again, her emerald eyes are showing.

“Do you mind if I answer it?” she asks with a worried expression. I assume her boyfriend called her. I let her answer it and return my attention to the book. The faster I understand it, the faster Aubrey leaves. I mean, studying with her is cool, but I would rather be smoking with Zayn and his boys. She leaves me in the living room while she migrates to the dining room. Faintly, I can hear her conversation, but attempt to mind my business anyway.

“A party? Louis, you know I hate parties,” she sighs, “and my father would never allow it anyway. You know he is overly strict, especially with drugs and alcohol.”

I guess Louis invited her to the party on Saturday. He would force her into it anyway because he needed someone to show off. Louis Tomlinson never showed up to a party without a babe on his arm. It was his way of showing the rest of us we were inferior to him.

“I am not going to lie to my father,” Aubrey says, “and yes, a date instead would be fine, but we cannot go to the party, do you understand? Well, I have to go, you called me in a tutor session. Yeah, babe, see you later.”

She returns to the living room, and I hurriedly return my gaze to the words in the book.  For a couple who has sex regularly, they seem rather annoyed with each other. Aubrey tosses her hair over her shoulder and sits beside me on the sofa. Her thigh brushes against mine, and I know it is rather stupid, but I absent-mindedly question how Louis cares for her. He seems to put a lot of stress on her, and she seems to let it happen. She lets out a breath and lowers her eyes as she begins to jot notes in her journal.

“Are you alright?” I ask. Her thigh is still near mine, and obviously, I care a bit too much about it.

“Perfect,” she lies with feigned happiness, “turn to page eleven.”

I consider asking her about it, but instead, I remain silent and follow her order because even though I want to help, I have to face it: Aubrey is way too good for me. She has her shit together, and I am the boy with a fucked up history who needs drugs to feel the least bit normal. Even as her friend, I never stood a chance.

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