Forever Young

18 -year-old Gabriela knew that one of her best friends would be come famous.She couldn't be any happier. She supported Niall in everythig he did and everything he does. She now lives in London, sharing a flat with her best friend since birth. She knows she shouldn't keep secrets from Niall, but there's one that should be kept in.


1. Gabriela Shanel Hernandez

Hello there. Me? Im Gabriela Shanel Hernandez. Im 18. My friends call me Gabby. But one calls me Gabs. That one friend is Niall Horan. Im from the Bronx in NY, originally. But we moved to Ireland when i was 4. By we, I mean my family and Yndalessa's family. Yndalessa is my bestest friend ever. Our parents were besties since high school. We've known eachother since we were born. Im younger than her by a few months. We agreed as of 3-years-old, we'd be with eachother forever. We met Niall in kindergarten. Niall became closer of a friend to me than with Yndalessa. That's when i declared both Yndalessa & Niall as my only best friends. I was originally the first one to call Niall, Nialler. Then Yndalessa caught on, then everyone else.My job includes animals. Im a pet-groomer's intern. Yay -_- i get to clean up animals woo. At around 2010, Niall auditioned for X-Factor in Dublin. All 3 of us lived in MullingarI couldn't help to know Niall was leaving us.At the airport, it was something I couldn't forget.I hugged Niall tightly. Just a few months ago Yndalessa and I got our own flat i  London,England. It's between small shops and such that get a good view of the London Eye. Oh yeah. By the way, Im in love with Niall and Yndalessa is the only one that knows how i feel about him.

"Gab-Gab. Wake up." Yndalessa said in a quiet voice. I turned over."GABBY!" she yelled in my ear."Whaaat?" I asked in a sleepy voice."Wake up. I have an interview that my agent booked. She said you can come in case they have another lead role." Yndalessa explained to me."LEAD!?" I questioned excitedly."Yes missy, LEAD. They have two female leads that are best friends." Ynda lessa said emphasizing 'lead'. "Is it an audition?" "No. It's to see if we qualify for a role." "Ok what time does it start?" I asked curiously."2 pm." I glanced at our wall clock. "You wake me up. At 8 in the morning!?" My mood changed quickly. "Yup. Now c'mon, we need to get ready." I get up, and on cue, my phone buzzes. i see i have text.


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