I guess when u start to loose yourself when u start sacrificing what you believe in for what you want

This is the story of a girl that has a dreamer,
An ambitious brother
A deceiving queenbee
And an insecure boy




"Yes ! Daniel how have you and Derek been? It"s your favorite cousin Melissa!!" I cooed.
" Cut the crap Melissa what do you want ? We know you only call us when you want a favor or to blackmail us."
" it"s true!" I smirked on the phone. " i need just a few tensey favor from you two . And if you refuse i"ll just tell everyone what happened over the sum-"
"Fine !"
"Good i knew you"d see things MY way! I need help getting rid of Ally and the Martin family from my dance school. "
" how do we do that? And why?"
" you need to do this because Ally has been. Queen bee long enough . And im doing a favor for My friend Sean to get rid of the Martin family and Lily"s a bitch. It"s time to put the spotlight on ME for once! I won"t have to stand behind Ally"s spotlight any longer!"
" concided much?" He huffed "and how are we gonna get them all out of your school?"
" everyone has some mistake, some more than others" i was referring to Lily there"s no way some one like HER can get into a school like this. And i already know Ally used some dirty tricks to climb to the top.
" follow them around "
" wait you want us to spy!?!? Like stalkers??? What if we get caught?!"
" exactly ! If you don"t................ And also if you guys get caught i won"t get in trouble you two will! And i know you guys won"t rat me out!" I was smirking
There was a grunt on the phone

"Well ta ta for now kiss kiss!" I hung up
Thoose bitches are going to get what they desrve. Ally and Lily needed to be taken down. Ally"s crown will crumble off of her head and i will make sure who really is in charge of this school.
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