I guess when u start to loose yourself when u start sacrificing what you believe in for what you want

This is the story of a girl that has a dreamer,
An ambitious brother
A deceiving queenbee
And an insecure boy



" I Thought we were going to buy new running shoes" as we walked right past models. " well i got hungry" john mumbled as we entered the cafe. The warm air brushed against my face . " when are you getting a car John im tired of walking evrywhere"
"Stop complaining give me a twenty" i sighed and pulled out my wallet. Once we ardered and sat down . I looked around the cafe. Same old people. Same old small town. Same thing happened day after day . My mom said i should be happy that my life but i want it to be like a roller coaster not knowing what was going to happen next. The waitress gave us our food . On the name tag it said on her apron it said hello my name is Alana. Her brown frizzy hair was tossed over her shoulder. Than i looked up and saw theese stunning grey eyes. " can i get you guys anything else ?" " no were good" john said as he ate. I took a bite when i suddenly had the feeling i needed to talk to her again . I took out the pickles in the sandwhich , ate them. When Alana came back to seat another table . I said " excuse me waitress" she turned around quickly and said "yes?" " i ordered this hamburger with onions and stuff but you forgot the pickles." " no i didn"t forget your pickles i inspect everything before it goes out to the costumer." " well then look at my hamburger than!" I let her inspect the hamburger . " you just ate the pickles" she said " you have no proof!" I spitted out alana just rolled her eys . I stood up to take my full height . She approached me straightening her back to her full heights. She was taller than lily but a good 4 inches shorter than me. We were inches appart. Her grey eyes looked into mine. It was like she new all my secreates just by looking at me " your order was fine" she said sternly "want to go out friday night?" I say smoothly looking straight back at me. She blushed and said " i"ll think about it" i took the flower that was placed in a small vase on the table and put it through her. Hair right above her ear. The stem was short so it fit in her hair perfectly. She was blushing like crazy and still in shock. I slowly took the bill out of her hand wrote my # down then paid her in cash. She still hasn"t moved from were she was standing. Then John and i left. Once outside
"Smooth jake real smooth"
I blushed i just hoped she calls me.
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