I guess when u start to loose yourself when u start sacrificing what you believe in for what you want

This is the story of a girl that has a dreamer,
An ambitious brother
A deceiving queenbee
And an insecure boy




"Were"re going to move to studio 34 so we can learn more moves for the dance " Mr. WAlter huffed as he fixed his shirt.

The class moved to studio 34. We all pulled heavy wooden chairs toghther into three rows . Sean and I sat in the back .

About twenty minutes later i was bored out of my mind i knew everything . Lily was the most annoying person ever she kept on raising her hand for stupid questions. I was going to die . Finally sean whispered " lets see how far i can spit this . " On his large hand was a pack of gum and a straw. I grinned at him. He unwrapped the gum , started to chew on it and seconds later he put it on the straw. With one good blow the gum went flying ! And it landed in Lily"s hair . Sean and i were on the verge of laughing i tried to bite my lips from laughing " try it again !" I whispered. He repated the cycle and the gum went flying and it hit the middle of her black hair. She had no clue !! We kept on doing this until the ends of her hair were sticky with gum and no one even noticed accpet me and sean!!!! This was the highlight of my week total embarrasment!

When we ran out of gum the class was just about over when i heard " eeew grooss! Look whats in Lily"s hair!!" I turned and melissa was dramaticaly pointing to the back of lilys hair everyone started to laugh . Sean and i just exploded we died ! We were laughing our asses off. Lily flipped her hair but once she felt the gum she started to blush like crazy . Everyone was laughing at her . Serves her right for being so annoying! She scanns the classroom for one person that isn"t laughing at her and her eyes labd on me. Looking into her deep brown eyes it was like she knew all my secreates. I saw a tear fall and she ran straight out of the classroom.
"Very original" i heard melissa smirked at me . " yea " i said back but something inside of me had a feeling that this was going to come back at me and bite me in the ass
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