I guess when u start to loose yourself when u start sacrificing what you believe in for what you want

This is the story of a girl that has a dreamer,
An ambitious brother
A deceiving queenbee
And an insecure boy



Mrs.Calo struted into the room with her red hair tied into a tight bun and her pale lips pursed together. " lets take the dance from the top"
The whole class got into 3 even lines . I was in the second line right behind Ally. I fixed my hair into a pony tail as i sighed. Suddenly bringing me to my attention when Mrs. Calo shouted " five! Six! Seven ! Eight! Lily get that leg pointed !"

I leaped across the room with the rest of the class. I was mostly copying Ally. I slowly took my right leg and lifted it up straight up in the air balancing on my left leg.

Once the routine was done i sat down rubbing my aching feet on the dusty floor. I couldn"t keep up with everyone i was just to slow. But i was doing something that i loved so im not going to quit.

"Class!" Mrs. Calo"s high pitched voice filled the room " we have a new student their names are Sean Demarco and Mattew fincher.
Two boys walked in . One with dark coco skin with hazel eyes. The other one had dirty blonde hair that was long and landed just above his eyebrows. Both looked perfessional and like everyone else in the class, they were quiet taller than me.
" they"ve been on broadway , movies , music videos and back up dancers for concerts. Boys let me see "
The boys pulled out their applications just like i had to do when i came here .
I turned and a bunch of girls where whispering and giggling at the blonde one.
Ally came over and said " hes hot that Mattew kid" I turned and Shay and Tori came struting over. " I think seans hot!" She blushed as she said it. "Lets go over and say hi" Ally said while flipping her hair. " where"s Marcy?" Tori asked. " she"s sick" Ally said blankly. " come on lets get our stuff" i suggested.
We walked over to where we put our stuff. I rumidged through my leather bag . I dumped the draw string bag once Ally bought me this one. " nice bad Ally" i said " yeah it"s from Gucci. " she slung the expensive bag over her shoulder as we strutted over to the boys.
Once we got there i stood behind Shay Tori and Ally let them do the talking. I didn "t feel pretty enough to be seen.

"Hi my names Ally" ally says to the two mostly looking at the blonde one. Ally was a pro a getting boys to fall hoplessly in love with her. She twirls her hair while they talk about dance as i just stand there stupidly. She got them wrapped around her finger. Sean Demarco that name sounded so fimiliar. What no i remeber . Jake vs him back when i was 12 . They were vs eachother in a dance competition in nashionals . Jake won and it was his 20 th dance solo win thats why i remeber it so well.
Before i could stop myself i said " hey now i remeber u sean you vs my brother at the penn state nashinals dance competition!"
Sean"s face suddenly went dark. " your jake Martin"s sister?"
" yeah forgot who won though "
" your brother won" he said sharply looking down
" well i remeber you did really good though" i sensed that he way annoyed with this topic
" the ONLY competition i lost EVER"

" gez that sean kid needed to calm down why did mrs calo tell us all that stuff about them , to make us feel bad about our dancing careers?"
Ally sighed and said " you still dont get it do u there almost like stars . In the dancing world that is"


New York Arts was really nice . The building was old and was the birthplace of hundereds of great dancers and i wanted to be one of the them. Sure it was great that i was on broadway and a backup dancer but i wanted it to be me on stage singing to thousands of screaming fans or me to have the main part in the play.

" hey sean you ok?" Sean looked tense ever scince we talked to that blonde girl and her short friend with the jet black hair i really wasnt paying attention but i think her name was lily.

"Yea im fine" as we traveled to modern dance class . The tensesion grew on sean as we walked in to find Ally and her friends.

For a while we just did some streching techiqness and small skill routines. I noticed alot of the girls looking at me . I did have that surfer kid kind of look with my blonde hair and tan skin.

In the middle of class i noticed sean in a heated dessusion with some pretty girl with brunette hair and green eyes. She was tall and skinny. But when i saw her face her teeth werent so great and her lips where quiet thin.
" hey sean who"s this? "
"This is Melissa "
"Hi" melissa said slowly looking deep within my eyes her green eyes scared me
" hi" i replied back

Once we started to work on the dance we constructed sean got weird . Ally sean Lily and me were dancing in a group .
" that was perfect !" Ally swooned at me
"Lets try it one more time" lily smiled
"No wellall did it perfectly you should practice again your messing us all up!" Sean said cruely
Lily looked like she "d been slapped in the face. From then on sean kept on pushing Lily and kept on dropping cruel comments on her dancing

"What the hell sean you were acting like a ass to lily!" We stopped in the hallway while people flowed out of the studios
" you know about that competition i was talking about with lily earlier the only one i ever lost? You know how we also were offered a record deal only if I we won that competition?"
I remeber my hopes about that record deal singing live living out my dreams . I rember wasting everyday on our sing and danceing for that record deal only to find out they didnt want me and sean . I pit formed in my stomach my knuckles tightned . It was my break to become famous. I rember practing until my bones ached . Missing birthday parties hangout and sports. My parents told me i could be a star and i believed them.
"I found out lily and her family bribed the judges to pick jack to win"
Angered boiled within me.
My life was ruined because of lily and her family i will never forgive her.
" how do we get revenge?" I was pissed
" lets do what they did to us lets take away their danceing career"s permently"
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