I guess when u start to loose yourself when u start sacrificing what you believe in for what you want

This is the story of a girl that has a dreamer,
An ambitious brother
A deceiving queenbee
And an insecure boy



" you"re going to love it here" my brother jake said as we walked up the stone steps of NewYorks arts academy. His brown hair flowing with the breeze. I stopped once i got to the glass doors of the building. I started to fiddle with the button on my sweater. "I can"t go in jake. I can"t sing or dance as well as u and josh can. Im not so good at making friends. Did you tell anyone that you had a twin sister? Its going to akward"
" Lily if u want to have a career in dancing its a good start to be trained here"

I looked at my reflection in the glass doors. I was short and wasnt that skinny. I wore a plain shirt i got from summer camp that said " Camp Lake Wood for juniors!!!" And was a faded green, with jean shorts that were a little to big and plain faded converse. My hair was all messed up from the wind. Than i looked at my twin brother. He was about two
inches taller than me his wavy brown hair and his brown eyes. It wasnt fair everyone in my family was gorgues but i had to get wacked with the ugly stick.

We made our way through a bunch of hallways, and went up three flights of stairs. I stopped at a door that was slightly agape. To find girls my age dancing to " evacuate the dance floor" they looked like they all could be models. They were all tall and skinny. I must of stood there too long because a girl with green pericing eyes and brunette hair smirked at me with her thin lips and slamed the door in my face. Jake and i made it all the way down the hall to a large thick metal door that said " hip hop studio 167" " Born this way" by Lady gaga was blasting when we opened the door . The kids looked like they were haveing a a dance party instead of learning . I akwardly stood in the corner as jake was greeting everyone of his friends. Of course he was popular. I scanned the room and suddenly i saw a very tall blande girl . Her eyes were a ice cold blue and her skin was flawless. She was talking to jake like they were best friends . She whispers something into jake"s ear n they both laugh. " your the new girl right?" A small figure if a woman came over gracefully . Her red hair in a bun. " im Lily the new dancer " i nervously digged through my bag and found my application and quickly handed it to her. She skimmed through each page . Her pointy noise inches away from the paper. I looked around the room is was getting weird looks. " you were Clara in The Nutcraker. How did that go?" " well i did well i guess" i fiddled with my sweater again. She took a few seconds to finish when she pursed her lips and said " wait to be qualified for this class you need to be at least 13." i gulped. Than jake came over and said " she turns 13 next tuesday" her eyes narrowed onto Jakes face than mine. " you"ll start next tuesday.welcome to New York Arts" she quickly left before i could say anything. " hey jake what do i do now?" " i have a few more classes to take so Ally will show you around bye" he left the room. Soon people started to flood out and i was still wondering who was Ally. Than someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned quickly to find the skinny tall blonde jake was talking to. " im Ally you must be Jakes sister. Let me put on my shoes" i saw her grabing some really expensive bag. My drawstring bag felt like trash compared to hers. She carefully put on gold wedges. As if she wasnt tall enough.
She lead me out of the room joined by the girl that slammed the door in my face when i was watching her class.
" this is melissa" pointing to the brunette with green eyes.
" i know were going to be great friends Lily. " Ally said smoothly. Melissas face got tight when Ally said that and her eyes narrowed onto me.
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