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A Valentines Day one chapter, diary entry, tribute to One Direction and every girl who has had a daydream that they think will never come true...Here's a more realistic one, sorry no marriage, dating, or life long love involved. just butterflies, glances, and a crazy idea, that could happen... who knows?


1. What had happened was...





Today started as a normal day; I woke up at 6:00 a.m. and went through my morning routine.  My mom and dad were still asleep; sadly I live with them while I study at the local college.  My life is just as bland and original as the next.  When I woke up, I was not ready for the horrible day that was fated for me.  I work uptown at a luxury restaurant.  My usual work week tends to be 40 hours, ten hours, four days a week.  I'm not complaining it's just that I expected a luxurious place like this to be well...luxurious.  Instead, the same uptight money makers come in and pout about their food choices for thirty minutes a day.  I really love to let my mind wander at work.  I day dream that a celebrity or really attractive guy walks in.  I mean come on how else could I have stood being told I wrote down the wrong order every five minutes.  I work at 2 p.m. till about 12 a.m. so I have to entertain myself with daydreams; while I slowly die serving steak.  Today was peculiar though, I mean the best thing possible happened to me.  Of course before anything good happened, everything had to go wrong.  

*This Morning*

I woke up still asleep, yawning and pawing at my covers I was trapped in.  As I did, wouldn't you know it? I fell over and smacked my head, on the corner of my bedside table.  *THUD* was all I heard, and before I knew it I was on the floor.  The pain didn't hit me till I sat up.  I could feel the scorching heat around the bump that was forming on my forehead.  I tried not to cry, holding back tears.  "Great", I thought, "What a wonderful way to start my morning".  I went to the bathroom and set up my shower, as I did I saw, the bump had a small cut.  My face finally was clear of acne, and there in the center left corner of my forehead was a blue bump with a nice red slit.  "Oh, thanks so much", I thought, rolling my eyes at myself in shame of my clumsiness.  I went to start my shower.  I turned the knob to hot; as I went to test it I noticed it was cold.  So, I tried turning it more and tried cold instead of hot.  Not only was my water ice cold like the Atlantic.  But, the handle broke, leaving the water running.  I just told myself to jump in and out, I couldn't stand the cold.  After, my body felt like I had been stuck in a glacier for a year.  All I could do was keep moving.  I threw on my work clothes and shuffled to the kitchen.  My parents were awake finally so I asked my dad to fix the shower.  Sadly, he couldn't fix the hot water but he did fix the broken handle.  I tried looking at the bright side.  My mother saw the wound on my head and gave me band aid to put over it.  I couldn't believe I’d have to serve people looking so beat up.  I wanted to relax so I had a bowl of cereal.  It was a new kind, a kind I'd never had before.  My mother said, "It's from Sweden, I got it from your grandmother, it's supposed to taste really good".  That was the best cereal I had ever had.  If I weren't allergic to nuts, I probably would have enjoyed it more.  Needless to say my body reacted to the unknown substance that was in the cereal.  I should have read the box, which was my fault.  I started coughing, and then my arm itched.  My mom took my hand and dragged me out to the suburban she drove.  We got to the hospital just before I passed out.  I woke up with an IV in my right arm and very faint red blotches on my skin.  I sat in the hospital till 9:00 a.m. they let me go and told me, "You needed to take it easy".   "Take it easy?”  I thought my whole morning was me trying to take it easy.

*This Afternoon*

My mom drove me home; I took a nap on the way there.  I wasn't tired once we got home, so I decided to finish my essay for psychology.  I started the paper a week ago; I worked over the weekend trying to complete it.  I have two days till it's due, I had to stop procrastinating.  I began writing the last two paragraphs.  I was on fire! After everything that happened this morning, everything felt okay.  But, as I said everything had to go wrong before it went good.  My computer froze mid-typing of my conclusion sentence.  I let it sit, hoping it would wake up.  Then, it crashed. *PEE-WOO* went the computer, a faint small cat like noise, shut everything off.  I didn't save my paper on anything else.  I threw my head in my covers and screamed.  How could this have happened! My day couldn't get any worse.  Oh...I shouldn't have said that.  

Around 12:00 p.m. I was rising my head from the puddle of tears I had let soak my pillow.  I had work in two hours.  I didn't want to go; I could have called in and said I had an allergic reaction.  I don't know why I didn't.  My mom came up stairs and slowly opened my door.  She had chicken noodle soup and a smile to comfort me.  That was the only thing that wasn't ruined today.  She left me after an episode of Friends, and told me, "Sometimes you have to go downhill, to go up." then she left.  I sat for the next half hour collecting my papers that I threw on the carpet.  Now, I had a bump on my head, even more reddened skin, and two days to write my paper.  In one half of a day I accomplished almost dying twice, and failing my paper.  

Once I stopped feeling sorry for myself I got ready for work.  I tried to cover the bump with concealer, it turned my face orange.  How did that happen? Don’t ask me, I just looked like a pumpkin.  What was I to do?  I rubbed the concealer off, leaving my face a pale shade of red.  I decided I'd just skip make-up and try to straighten my hair.  The blonde waves were thrown in sections.  I made it through, just one strand left.  My cell phone rang as I held the iron to my hair.  I answered the text message, "Hey, you still coming today? -Angie".  I replied, "Yeah, I just had a rough day is all. I'll see you in a bit :)".  I put the phone back down, not noticing my hair that once long, was burnt off.  A chunk of my hair fell to the ground.  "WHAT?!", "NO!!" was all that escaped my lips as I threw my straighter down.  I controlled my sobs as I starred at my reflection.  I had split my hair into four sections, three where long, one was short.  Out of complete rage and anger, I took my styling kit and got artistic.  I cut away my hair and let it drop to the ground.   Now the sections were even, my long blonde hair was now short.  I once again tried staying positive, it wasn't that bad.  I just really wish I hadn't done that.  I tided up and told my mom what I had done; she approved and said, "Maybe we can donate it!" I swear she always looks on the brighter side.  I hugged her and my dad even said, "It suites you".  So, it couldn't be all that bad.  

It was now about 1:20 p.m. I had forty minutes to get to work.  It only takes me thirty to get there.  I packed up my bag and left the house.  I kept telling myself that work would fly by and my bad luck was over. 

*This Evening*

I got in my BMW and drove to work.  The music playing on the radio station sounded familiar so I sang along as I entered the city.  "You're insecure don't know what for--Don't need make up to cover up", those were a couple of the lyrics.  I mimicked back, "I'm insecure I KNOW what for, my make up made me look like a DUCK!”  I kept singing along as I pulled up to the parking lot.  It was already crowded, so I decided I'd park on the street.  I saw a spot over by the corner of the restaurant   the space was tight, I was amazed I fit.  I sat there for a second, and let the time run out so I wouldn't be too early.  It was only 1:45 p.m. traffic must have went fast.  I turned off the engine and got out.  Everything was good.  I was greeted by Angie and she looked shocked by my recent hair style.  I just brushed it off my mind and began working.  I was doing well.  A woman sat in my serving section along with a few of her lady friends.  I could tell just by the looks they gave me that they would be hard to please.  "Hello, I hope you're having a great night I'm--" I was interrupted”Yes, miss we'll all be having the Cesar salad with chicken to start. And waters all around, Thanks", the dark haired woman said passing the menus into my hand.  I forced a smile, and as I walked away all I heard was laughter and, "Yeah, I'm not tipping her".  I was guessing it was my appearance or her attitude that made her think it was okay to treat me that way.  I just kept serving the other customers.  Around 7:30 p.m. Angie came panting, "Your, CAR, it's, TOWED". I dropped what I was doing and ran for the door; my car was on the lift. "PLEASE DON'T", I shouted at the man towing it.  My car was gone, no matter how much I tried to plead the man not to take it.  I walked back in with the paper that told me how much I owed and where to get my car once I pay my fine.  Angie tried to calm me I just told her to leave me be for the night.  She hugged me and did as I asked.  I had about three tables I was serving; Angie took over one for me.  I got back into my routine; I tried to zone into one of my many daydreams.  The cooks called me for my orders; I served a family who were so consumed in their technology they didn't move.  Then the table full of women.  I got their orders, and began bringing them over.  The salads were heavy, and over flowing.  I couldn't carry more than two at a time.  There were about ten women at the table.  Every time I ran back and forth to the table, the woman who ordered glared at me.  The only reason I could stand her was because I had the song I listened to on replay in my head.  I tuned out any snide remarks or half hearten "thank you", with the song.  I felt better, until I went to give the woman who ordered her salad.  I picked up the order and tried my best getting there fast.  As I did, I swung around a table, and hit a chairs leg.  I immediately went face first to the ground.  It didn't hurt much.  I had done so many more painful things today that this was nothing   Angie helped me up and let me brush off the salad on my shirt while she replaced the order.  I went to the table to apologize and said, "I'm so sorry, they are remaking your salad, I really do apologize." I smiled as she stared me down.  Her face had a scary smirk, "May I speak with your manager?” she asked.  I really wish I could say no but that's not how it works.  I called my manager over, and the woman began complaining.  I never in my life felt so angry.  The lady finally finished her complaint, it took ten minutes.  My manager Mike came over and said, "I had to comp. her dinner, but I want you to know none of this is your fault. It was an accident".  Mike knew my day had been hectic.  Janice another waitress took my table.  Mike let me take a small break.  I called my mom telling her my car had been towed, she said it was fine and that she'd pick me up.  I went to the restroom and wiped the tears away from my face.  Today just wasn't my day.  I was starring at a stranger in the refection.  I knew I needed to get back to work so I cleaned up my face and went back.  

Mike saw me enter the dining hall and waved me over.  He had the biggest grin on his face, large and overly excited.  I walked over avoiding any obstacle that might create another tragedy   I threw a fake smile on and said, "Yes?", "You've got just one table to serve the rest of the night." Mike said with excitement.  He pointed to a large round table in the back dining hall.  That was where the more "exclusive" guest sat.  I couldn't help smiling; the table had quite a few people.  Among them were four very strong, intimidating men.  What looked like a couple business women.  Also, five boys who looked around the ages of 18-20.  Mike pushed me in their direction and said, "Get to work".  I traveled over to the table with the same forced smile I had before.  I began my greeting, "Hello, I hope you're all having a great night, welcome! I’ll be your waitress for the remainder of the evening, can I start you with something to drink?” everyone had at least some sort of smile on their face.  They all ordered their drinks; I could tell they weren't American from their accents.  I got their drinks and had Billy a bus boy help me carry them.  I served them all; as I went to give the side where the five boys were their drinks a blonde boy stopped me. He said, "Excuse me miss, not to sound rude, but, what happened to your head?" he said concerned.  I almost laughed at the fact I forgot about my bump.  I rubbed over it, "It's a long story" I said smiling down at him and his friends.  They all smiled back, "We've got time", said the boy with short brown hair and plaid on.  I couldn't believe how kind they were, "Maybe while your food is waiting I'll tell yah?” I said trying not to sound too excited.  They ordered their meals and I placed them.  I didn't know if they actually wanted me to tell them about my day, or if they were making small talk.  So, I stood over in the corner of the pickup.  Then, I noticed the dark curly haired boy sitting next to another brown haired boy in stripes waving me over.  I sort of looked around as though he might be signaling another person.  But, it was just me.  There was a seat at the table between a dark haired boy with a cartoon tattoo on his arm and the boy who said they had time to listen.  I was hesitant on walking over.  Although, they were my only table.  Most people who eat here never even smile back at me.  I looked at Mike who was talking with a chef, I gestured toward their table.  Mike just smiled and nodded me to go sit with them.  I smiled at Mike, then at the table.  I walked slowly, looking at Angie with an expression that read "O-M-G".  She smiled winking at me to keep walking.  I got to the table and the boy in the stripes gestured for me to sit. 

They all sat starring at me, each one just as good looking as the next.  I smiled and said, "So you really want to know what happened huh?” they all pretty much said "yes".  I smiled and opened my mouth.  

I don't think I could stop talking.  I went from telling them how I got the bump on my head, to telling them about the entire day.  I felt so much better once I was finished.  The entire table got into my story.  Peoples faces were almost blank, from what I think was amazement.  It was nice to talk about what happened.  They all commented on it and said they couldn't believe how that all happened.  The boy with curly hair even hugged me.  I didn't want to jinx it so I kept in the back of my mind.  I kept the thought that maybe these people were my trip back up the hill to myself.  I sat with them for a while and laughed at some of the things they said.  For once I didn't have to daydream to get me through the night.  I had Angie help me get their orders to their table.  They all joked around telling me to watch the chairs.  I didn't have to force a smile for these people.  After, I was done serving them I went to help Angie and Billy clear the remaining tables.  The only ones left in the restaurant was my table.  So Mike had us clean and go for our dinner break.  As we did I saw one of the strong intimidating men talk to Mike and point toward me and Angie.  I didn't want to stare but Angie did.  She nudged my arm smiling at the big guy and Mike.  The boys asked for us to go eat with them.  I couldn't believe how kind they were.  Angie almost cried, "I have dinner with the relatives, I have to go, our engagement party is in two days".  She hugged me and went over to the man and Mike and told them too.  I ran to the kitchen as she approached the table.  As I began leaving I noticed they all were taking a photo together.  "They must be rich or something", I thought.  They all did seem a little bit familiar; I probably saw them on the newspaper? I didn't know, or care.  I hugged Angie goodbye again and sat down to eat with the table of people.  Mike, Billy, and the rest of the staff joined in.  They all had their own conversations, took pictures, and signed things.

I couldn't help but ask Billy, "Who are they?”  His faced looked astonished, He whispered "One Direction".  I looked at him confused, and then he said, "You know they sing, 'What Makes You Beautiful'".  I knew those words from somewhere...

"AH!” I thought to myself but practically screamed with my face.  The song, the one that helped me cope with my day.  I smiled as big as I could and listened to the rest of the conversations through the night.  

Before they left I caught all their names, I got a picture with them and said "Thank you", and they looked a bit confused.

I was still excited at their presents so it took a while to finish my thanks.  I smiled and said, "Thank you, for making my day".  They all gave me a "You're welcome" and hugged me. 

I had met One Direction.

I had done the right thing, keeping the thought that they were my reward for my bad day in my mind.  I was no longer jinxed, I was now extremely lucky.  The one thing I had always dreamed about happened on the day everything went wrong.  

“That was them?” my thoughts whispered to me.  I thought “Yes, that was them.  They were boys who got me through; the roughest day of my life”. 

I guess it is true…

Sometimes it does have to get worse, before it gets better.

Till next time,


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