Our little secret

Kailey is a normal 18 year old who lives in Canada. She lives there for a reason. She has a secret no one knows about, but her best friend. When her best friend drags her to meet Justin Bieber, he sees her & tries to find her again. Little do they know, Justin and Kailey have the same secret. And they're meant to be together. They just don't know it yet.


14. The Lamia's

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"Don't worry ok? Everything will be alright." Justin told me. I nodded. We sat back down on the couch and sat there in silence. I looked at Justin. "You do know how to fight right?" I asked. "Yea. It's in our genes. And instincts." I nodded. "Good." He rubbed my leg. "Why do you get so nervous before a fight?" He asked me. "You don't?" He shrugged. "I guess a little but not too bad."

"I'm the only girl in the pack. And Lamia's pack. They always try to pick a fight with me because I'm a girl." 

"Well you're strong. And...you're fast. Like REALLY fast. You can easily outrun them." 

"Not Sam. He's the fastest in his pack. Whenever I run, he easily catches up to me. Then WE fight and yea.." I said trailing off. 

"Well then, you can run as fast as you can. You'll be fine. And I'll be there to protect you." He smiled. "Thanks. But they will be all over you since you're new, so be warned." He nodded. 

They're coming. Come to the open area but stay by the outer area, so you two can attack and surprise them. I heard Logan through thought. I looked at Justin and he nodded. 

We headed outside and to the edge of the woods. Justin took his shirt off and his pants so he was just in his boxers. 

"Woah woah. I'm NOT stripping in front of you." I told him. 

"Aw c'mon...just do it really fast." He said. I shook my head. 

Kailey! Justin! Get here NOW! Logan yelled. I looked at Justin and phased real quick, landing looking at him with my big eyes. His eyes were huge. "Sorry. I've never seen a wolf from human form. We ARE huge." He commented. I nodded. I started to run off without him. 

Wait! I heard him yell through thought. I laughed. I got there quickly. I saw Logan, Matt, Blake and James standing their guard. Justin and I lowered our bodies so we wouldn't be seen. I heard trees rustling and branches snap and i knew they were here. 

I saw a brown wolf come out (Damien), a black wolf with white spots on his ears (Garrett), an all red wolf, (Sam), and an all white wolf (Drake). My pack started growling and i growled quietly. 

Hello my dear friends... Damien said all arrogantly. 

Don't play that game Damien. Logan said. 

What game? I just want to talk.

Sure. What about? Matt asked. 

The other wolves leaned back and jumped forward, attacking my pack. 

That. Damien smiled evilly.

It was time. I nudged Justin and he nodded. We jumped out and ran for Damien who looked surprised but then jumped at us. I bit his ear and we started fighting. 

(Imagine the fight in Twilight: Eclipse but without the vampires. So just wolves fighting!)

There was growling, snarling, biting, squeals, barks, any kind of noise. I was fighting with Sam and i heard a high pitched squeal. I bit Sam as hard as i could and then knocked him into a rock. I turned my head and I saw Damien's paws were around Justin's chest and then he pressed hard and i hard cracking. (Like when Jacob gets attacked in Eclipse by that vampire and he gets hurt. I get all my inspiration from Twilight as you can tell! Ha) I felt a pain in my chest and i squealed out in pain and fell to the ground as well. 

Justin let out a hurtful bark and fell to the ground. My heart dropped.Drake came over and pinned me to the ground. I couldn't concentrate right with Justin being hurt and me hurting. Why did i feel a pain in my chest? 

Don't you want to save your little boyfriend? Drake asked with the same evil tone as Damien. I felt pain again and i winced. I looked at him sternly. I got my strength up and pushed him off. I ran to Justin who was on the ground in human form, clutching his side. He was crying. 

Justin! Don't worry everything will be alright. I told him.

I looked up and Logan, James, Matt and Blake were in their human forms. They all gathered around Justin.

"His ribs are broken, and his right shoulder has been cracked out of place. We need to get him to a doctor." Logan said. Justin yelled out in pain when they moved him. I winced in pain as well. They all looked at me. 

"Kailey, get in human form and meet us at the hospital." Logan told me. I nodded. I started to run away but i looked back when Justin screamed in pain. "Kailey go!" I ran to the house. 


"Kailey what's going on???" Laura asked frantically. "The Lamia pack came and we fought and Damien hurt Justin and now he's on his way to the hos-" I got cut off by a huge wave of pain. I fell to the ground and held my side. 

"What's wrong?? Are you hurt?" Laura asked. I shook my head. "No..ow..but I think i'm feeling Justin's pain.." I said getting up. "What? How is that possible?" 

"I don't know. But i feel a lot of pain in my sides and my shoulder and that's where Justin got hurt." 

"Well what are you waiting for?? Go to him!" I slightly laughed and ran out and got into my car to get to the hospital.   

 Once at the hospital, I saw Logan and i walked up to him. "Is he ok??" I asked. He nodded. "He'll be fine. Just needs to rest. But wolves recover and heal fast so he should be back up in a few days." I nodded. 

"So what was with the wincing and being in pain?" Logan asked. "Yea, what was that about?" Matt asked. "Yea!" Blake wondered. 

"I think I feel Justin's pain.." I said. 

"Probably." Logan said. I looked at him in confusion. "Blake and Stacy are bonded that way too." He said looking at Blake. He nodded. "It's true. we feel each others pain." 

"So..Justin and i are bonded?" I asked. They nodded. "VERY bonded. Since you feel his pain, he probably feels yours too." 

I went into his room and he smiled when he saw me. "Hey." I said. "Hey." 

"Are you alright?" He nodded. "I'll be fine. But it's weird..when you got bit by Sam, I felt it in my arm." He said. "You felt my pain?" He nodded. "I guess. Wait..did you feel mine?" I nodded. 

"Logan says we're bonded in a special way. If we can feel each other's pain we're bonded." I told him. 

He smiled. "Sweet." 

I went over to him and kissed his cheek. "I"m just glad you're alright." 

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But I wanted you to read the bottom because I'll be finishing Falling for a Princess and after i finish it, i'll be starting a brand new story! I don't know the title yet but I'll continue my other stories too so don't worry!
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