Our little secret

Kailey is a normal 18 year old who lives in Canada. She lives there for a reason. She has a secret no one knows about, but her best friend. When her best friend drags her to meet Justin Bieber, he sees her & tries to find her again. Little do they know, Justin and Kailey have the same secret. And they're meant to be together. They just don't know it yet.


8. Questions & Answers

Justin's POV:

I ran to the only person I know who would know about all this imprinting and wolf stuff. I ended up at the edge of the woods and in front of me was Logan's house. (It looks like Sam's house in Twilight) 

Hey Logan. It's Justin. Can you come outside please? I asked him through thought. A minute or so later, Logan came out and looked around. When he saw me, I stepped back a little. He walked over. "What's going on?" He asked tiredly. It was around 4am.  

I wanted to talk to you about...things. 

"Ok, well come in when you're changed." He said walking away. 

Wait! I don't have clothes...

He went in and came back out with clothes. I phased and changed into them then walked into his house a little hesitantly. I saw Logan in the kitchen pouring him a cup of coffee. He saw me and waved me over. "Want some?" He asked. I shook my head. I sat down on one of the bar stools. "Sorry to wake you up so early. This was a...last minute decision." I told him. "It's fine. I get up around 5 anyway to check out the perimeter." I nodded. "So, what's going on? I didn't expect you of all people to be here. And to talk." Logan walked to the living room and i followed. We sat down across from each other. "Well...it's about Kailey." I said looking at him. 

"What's wrong with her? Is she hurt?" He asked with protectiveness in his voice. I shook my head. "No. She's fine. She doesn't know I'm here." He nodded. "Then what is it?" 

I looked out his big window that covered a whole wall in his living room. I sighed. "I had this dream earlier this morning. And...I-I think it might mean something." "What was it about?" He asked taking a sip of his coffee. "Well, I was in the woods. It was dark and i was in wolf form. It was windy and at first i saw glowing yellow eyes in the darkness of the trees. Obviously, my instincts kicked in so i growled and then a pup walks out." I explained. Logan nodded. "Go on." 

I took a deep breath. "The pup's fur was golden brown just like Kailey's. And then it growled and jumped on top of me and that's when i saw her eyes. It was Kailey. And i had a very strong connection feeling. Like I've had ever since i met Kailey." 

Logan looked outside. "So..what else happened? That's it?" I nodded. "I know what's going on but tell me about when you first met her. How to describe the feeling." 

"It's like, gravity. Your whole center shifts. Suddenly it's not the earth holding you here. You would do anything, be anything she needs. A friend, a brother, a protector." I said and I realized that's what i said in my dream. Logan nods at me. 

"You imprinted." He told me. I shook my head. "I-I, IMPRINTED on Kailey? without me knowing?" I asked. Logan got up and walked to the window. "Sometimes, imprinting can be unique cases. Like mine." 

"You imprinted without you knowing?" I asked. He nodded. "My fiance, Jessica and I met when she was visiting town. When i saw her, i felt that same connection but i didn't know i imprinted. We hung out, got to know each other and found out we were both wolves as well. I found out i imprinted from my father who has passed on, but he told me imprinting can come in many way. Some, very very known. Where you KNOW you imprinted right away and then, there's some where you don't know because you don't have "that feeling." Logan explained. 

I nodded. "But, Kailey and I fight a lot. We can't seem to get along. I don't think she knows i imprinted." I said. "And she might not. But yet, she can't be away from you very long can she? She may fight with you, but she's always with you, right?" I thought about it. We were together. A LOT. I nodded a few seconds later. "Yea. Yea, she is now that you mention it." 

He nodded looking at me. "And, when you look at each other, you feel that connection feeling don't you?" 

I thought about it again. "Yes." I said. "How do you know what i feel?" I asked. 

He took his cup to the kitchen. "Because i get those same feelings." "Really?" He nodded. 

"It seriously feels like your whole center shifts when you think about it." Logan commented. "It does. Now i can feel all those things..." I looked down at my hands. 

"It is kind of confusing. But the only way people will understand is if they experience it." Logan says. "It's true." 

I walked to the front porch and breathed in the fresh air. I closed my eyes and saw Kailey. As a human and a wolf. She was so beautiful. So...so..everything. If she ever needed a friend or brother or even a protector, I'd be there for her..wait....I opened my eyes and they widened. "Oh my gosh.." I said. "What is it?" Logan asked. "I literally would be anything for her. Anything. I'm-I'm...in love with Kailey.."


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