Our little secret

Kailey is a normal 18 year old who lives in Canada. She lives there for a reason. She has a secret no one knows about, but her best friend. When her best friend drags her to meet Justin Bieber, he sees her & tries to find her again. Little do they know, Justin and Kailey have the same secret. And they're meant to be together. They just don't know it yet.


11. Our little secret


After what seemed like hours, we pulled away and smiled at each other. Just smiled. I was perfectly happy. Justin looked up at me and i knew what he was thinking. We were still naked. We got off each other and went to where we had an extra outfit. After we changed we came out. 

"So, uh..that was.." He trailed off. "Nice." I finished. He nodded. After a minute of awkward silence, Justin grabbed my hands. "Look, Kailey, i know we haven't had the best relationship but I've realized, there's no other girl i wanna be with. I know this sounds crazy but I-" "You imprinted on me." I cut him off. He looked at me with surprised eyes. "You-you knew I imprinted on you..?" He asked. I looked away and nodded. "I mean, obviously, it took a little while but after awhile, i started to figure it out. I just didn't want to believe it at first.." 

"Why didn't you want to believe it?" He asked. I shrugged. "I guess it was hard to believe someone actually loved me." I looked away. He pulled me toward him and he kissed me, making my whole universe spin. He pulled away. "When i first met you, like the very first time, with Laura, I looked into your eyes and i felt a connection. I didn't know what it was then, but i started to figure it out and then talking to Logan helped even more." 

"So THAT'S what you and Logan talked about." I said. He nodded. "The point is, we're meant to be. I can't stand being away from you. I want to be everything for you. Whatever you need, I'll be it. I...I love you Kailey." Justin looked in my eyes. I felt my stomach flip and it was like my whole center sifted. It wasn't gravity keeping me there. It was Justin. 

"I love you too." 


"Wait wait wait! So you guys kissed and pretty much expressed your love for each other?!" Laura asked shocked.

"Pretty much. Yea." I said. 

"How come you're being so calm right now?! I'm freaking out and i'm not even his girlfriend!!" 

I shrugged. "Because we've imprinted. It feels normal. I can't explain it ok? It just feels right." I said. 

"Ahh I'm so happy now! Finally you guys are together! Yay!" She clapped her hands excitedly. I laughed and turned on the tv. 

Later that night, I switch the channels on the tv and see a headline saying:

Justin Bieber starts tour back up!

"What?" I ask out loud. I text Justin:

Hey since when are you starting tour back up? 

He replied:

Sorry! Scooter just announced that we'll be back on tour in a week

That kinda sucks :/

I know...but i love my fans and don't want to disappoint them

I understand. Your fans mean everything to you. Wanna meet up tomorrow morning? We can race ;)

Of course ;) you know i love racing. See you tomorrow say 10?

Sounds good. Night :)

Night babe :)

Tomorrow will be fun. 

A/N: Sorry short chapter again! :/ I'm sick so i didn't feel like writing a whole lot

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