Our little secret

Kailey is a normal 18 year old who lives in Canada. She lives there for a reason. She has a secret no one knows about, but her best friend. When her best friend drags her to meet Justin Bieber, he sees her & tries to find her again. Little do they know, Justin and Kailey have the same secret. And they're meant to be together. They just don't know it yet.


21. Like he never existed

I already make it to the border of Montana. I take my time getting home because there's nothing left inside me to give motivation. And yes, I've been traveling as a wolf. It's way faster and easier. Of course I stay somewhere at night, I just phase back to human form. I have a backpack with me that I also carry when I'm a wolf. I wouldn't want to be naked going into a hotel. That's embarrassing. 

I've gotten so far from Justin that the bond is so weak I can barely feel what he's feeling. Sometimes I get a tingle but not much. 

That night, I find a big boulder. I jump onto it and look up at the moon. It's big, bright and full. I lift my head up and howl as loud as I can so maybe Justin could hear me. Yea right. Like he could hear me thousands of miles away. I bring my head back down and lay down on the boulder and put my head on my right paw and look out at the city of Montana. 

It's like...there's an emptiness I can't fix. And the only WAY to fix it is Justin. But there's no way I could go back without Scooter getting pissed. I rolled over onto my side and tried to fall asleep. 

Justin's POV 2 weeks later:

"Justin!....Justin!!" I snapped back into reality when I heard Allison yelling at me. "What??" I yelled back. "Come here! I need to give you your clothes for tonight!" I rolled my eyes and hopped off the stage and to my dressing room where Allison laid out my clothes for tonight. "Thanks." I growled a bit. "Hey, no need for attitude. We all know you miss Kailey, but performing and the fans are what are important right now." She told me. I nodded as she walked out. 

How am I suppose to concentrate without Kailey? She was the one who HELPED me concentrate. I decided to go out to get some fresh air. It was a quiet evening, well, if you get away from all the screaming fans. I sit down on a rock and looked up at the sky. All of a sudden, I hear a faint howl. 

What the? 

I get up and listen again. Another howl. Hmm? 

That's impossible. I couldn't hear Kailey howling from two states away. I shook my head and go back inside. 

I MUST be going crazy. 

Kailey's POV:

The next morning, I make it to Canada. I walked through trees and bushes trying to make it back to my house when I heard a growl. I whipped my head back and see Damien. I turned around and lowered my head and growled too. 

What are you doing here??? This is NOT your territory! I yelled at him. 

He just huffed evilly and walked around me. 

You're all alone aren't you? He asked me. 

I can take you down in two seconds if i tried. I stepped closer to him. 

No need... He looked away for a second. Get her!! He yelled and the rest of his pack ran from all directions. I stood my ground and fought them off the best i could. 

Ready to fight? Little girl? Garrett threatened. I jumped at him and he bit my ear. I whined out in pain and scratched my ear with my paw when Sam jumped on my back. I turned over and bit him. 

All of them came at me at once and attacked me. I didn't know what to do. I fought and scratched and bit randomly when something hit me. Hard. I fell to the ground and everything started to go blurry. 

There. She's done for now. I heard Damien say as they left me there as i blacked out.

Justin's POV:

I was at soundcheck when my head started to hurt. Bad. I dropped my mic and fell to the ground. Everyone stood around me. 

"What is it Justin??" Scooter asked frantically. 

"The...bond....something's wrong." I say between breaths. 

"I thought the bond didn't work for you?" Fredo asked. "It is now. And something's wrong. Kailey's hurt." I got up and walked away when Scooter grabbed me. "I'm sure she's fine. You've got a show tomorrow you can't just leave." 

"I've got to! She's hurt! This is what you get for sending you away!" I yelled and held me head. 

I walked out the door with everyone screaming my name. 

A/N: Thanks for reading! Sorry for not updating a lot :/ I've been really busy with work! I'll update asap on the others! x

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