Our little secret

Kailey is a normal 18 year old who lives in Canada. She lives there for a reason. She has a secret no one knows about, but her best friend. When her best friend drags her to meet Justin Bieber, he sees her & tries to find her again. Little do they know, Justin and Kailey have the same secret. And they're meant to be together. They just don't know it yet.


6. Bad day...


The next day I woke up and my wolf instincts kicked in right away. I smelt someone else. I got out of bed and sniffed again. I rolled my eyes, i know who it is. And his name starts with a J. I changed into my Pink sweats and headed downstairs to find none other then Justin sitting at the dining room table eating. I stopped in the entry way of the kitchen and leaned on the doorway. Justin looked up right away and smiled. "Morning cutie." He winked. I rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen and opened the freezer to get some waffles. I out them in the toaster. 

"What are you doing here? And how'd you get in here?" I asked. "There's a spare key under the welcome mat." He told him smiling. "Well not anymore there isn't." I said quietly. My waffles popped up and i put butter on them and grabbed the syrup and sat down across from Justin. "But WHY are you here? Can't you hang out with your other friends?" I asked taking a bite. "But they aren't girls.." He smirked. I groaned. "You realize you aren't going to "win my heart" just like that right? If you can I'll be very surprised." I said. 

"But I'm Justin Bie-" "Yea I know who you are. Doesn't mean you can make every girl you meet fall in love with you. I grew up around boys. I'm use to them. You can keep trying but good luck." I told him. I got up and put my dishes in the sink. Justin did the same. 

Justin's POV: 

If i want this girl, maybe i have to change how i treat her. Sometimes when the guy acts like a jerk, the girl falls for him. Hmm. 

I wouldn't be a REAL jerk, i would just ACT like it. You know, brother sister fighting type thing. Being the flirt isn't working, so maybe this will. She did grow up with boys. Alright, Justin. Let's do this. 

I followed Kailey to her room and looked around. She turned around and looked at me. "Why are you following me?" I shrugged. "Because i feel like it. What's it to ya?" 

"I have to take a shower. So get out." I would like to see that..."You'll have to make me get out." I said. "Ugh you're such a pain! Get out!" She pushed me and surprisingly i moved. Huh, she is very strong. She slammed the door in my face and i just laughed. I decided to go out and explore more. I headed downstairs and out the door to find Laura reading a book on the porch. "Oh hey Laura. Didn't see you there." She looked up and smiled. "It's ok...hehe." She said. 

"Don't mind me." I told her as i ran off. I ran for a few seconds and then phased. Landing on four paws. I looked behind me and Laura's mouth was wide open with surprise. I smirked and then ran off again, heading for the woods. My paws thudding against the soft, newly moistened ground. Trees passing me quickly. I ran until i ended up at an open area. It wasn't the one i met Kailey at so i must be out of their territory. I looked around and sniffed the air. Smelt like rain. The wind started to blow and i felt my grey fur blow. It felt nice. I closed my eyes. My eyes quickly opened when i heard thuds coming closer with each step. I crouched down and  my ears lowed.

Soon 4 other wolves came out of the trees. Uh oh. My body was still lowered. I growled in defense. 

Who are you?? The black wolf asked. 

I growled louder, showing my sharp white teeth. I don't have to tell you..

Kailey's POV:

I got downstairs after i was done getting ready and Laura was watching tv. I noticed Justin was gone. Shrugged. "Hey have you seen Justin?" I asked. "Yep.....he ran off into the woods after he phased. Right in front of me..." She swooned. "He better not have gone back to our territory or i swear.." I said and walked into the kitchen when i fell to the ground with thoughts in my head. 

Hey! We found your little friend!

Get your ass here NOW!

He's in big trouble now...

I held m head. "Kailey! Kailey are you ok?!" Laura asked kneeling down to my level. I couldn't talk. Too. Many, Thoughts...I got myself up and ran outside. "What's going on??!" Laura yelled to me. It was too late though, i was already phased and running to where my pack was. With Justin. Oh he's in so much trouble...

The boys' thoughts were still coming to me and the closer i got the more intense they became. I ran even harder and snarled into the air, getting mad. Once i saw them i ran to them. I saw Justin's grey coat and ran toward him, tackling him to the ground and pinning him. 

What do you think you were doing??! I told you to stay AWAY from our territory!! I yelled at him in thought. I growled loudly at him in anger, showing him my sharp teeth. He growled back showing me his teeth. Sorry!! I didn't know it was still your territory!! He yelled back at me. 

Logan barked at us. Stop it! NOW! Get off each other! 

We did and i snapped at Justin. He growled at me. Logan got in between us. Stop it!! Just tell me why he's still here! I thought you said he wasn't here! Logan snapped at me. 

He's here for a break! I told him to stay away from our territory but i guess he didn't listen! I looked at him with anger in my eyes. 

Well now he has to be banished! Logan said. My eyes widened. What?? I didn't know he had to be BANISHED! 

Please don't banish him! He didn't know any better! He doesn't even have a pack!  

I didn't want to defend him but that means when Justin wants to phase he can't go like anywhere. Our territory is pretty big. 

What am i suppose to do about that?? Every wolf should have a pack! Logan yelled. 

Well i don't! I became a wolf almost 4 years ago and none of my family that's alive is one and none of my friends are so i was alone. Justin explained. Logan huffed and started to pace. 

Alright, look. I'm not going to banish you Justin.

Justin's stance got straighter so he was excited. BUT I'll have to see what kind of person you really are for you to become part of the pack. 

What?? He can't just join our pack! He  is- Quiet Kailey! I'm the leader so I make the decisions! 

I huffed in annoyance. I never get to say my opinion. 

Really?? I'm a great person! And i'll make a great addition to your pack! Justin said happily. 

After Logan's decision, I left and Justin was right on my trail. I was so angry at Logan right now. How can he just ADD Justin into our pack?? I growled and Justin stepped in front of me making me almost run into him. 

Ugh, what Justin?? I asked with an angry tone. 

For the record, just because I'm going to join your pack, doesn't mean we are friends. He said. 

Fine with me. I told him and i pushed him out of my way. 

What's with you? Justin asked. 

What do you think's wrong?? You're joining my pack when you should have been banished!

Hey, you defended me back there! You shouldn't be complaining!

I growled and ran off leaving Justin behind. I got back to my house and got inside to change. Justin owes me clothes. I got downstairs and saw Justin outside. He was shirtless. Again. Does he own a shirt? I roll my eyes and head outside. "Why are you here?" I asked. He looked up at me. "Because i like sitting on your porch, why do you think?" He asked. I rolled my eyes. Why was i mad at him but i also felt like i shouldn't be mad at him? I should be mad at him, and i am but why do i feel like a, a connection of some type? I've felt that whenever we're together. I just ignore it.

"Hello?" Justin waved a hand in front of my face. "What?" I asked a little too rudely.

 "Please just leave Justin." I said sitting down. "I'm not leaving." "Fine. Then leave me alone." "No. C'mon." He grabbed my arm and pulled me. "Let go Justin!" He ignored me and a few minutes later we ended up in front of a nice black Range Rover. 

"Is this yours?" I asked. He nodded. "Now get in." He said opening his door and getting in. I groaned and did what he said. We drove to his hotel. "Why are we here?" I asked. He ignored me and we went into the hotel and up to his room a few minutes later. Where, I'm assuming his team, was sitting. He introduced me to Dan, Ryan, Scrappy, Kenny, Allison, the DJ, his dancers, and Pattie. Some of them left to go do their own things but Ryan and Dan stayed and hung out. It wasn't very fun because Justin and i kept fighting. Dan and Ryan tried to stop us but we ended up fighting a few minutes later about something stupid.

Scooter came in and asked what was going on and Ryan told him we kept fighting. Scooter said we'd stop after a while so he stayed to talk. He was so wrong though. Justin and i kept fighting. "I'm SO done with you Justin!" I yelled at him and went into a random room. 

"Alright, that's enough!" Scooter yelled. I heard a door open and close. A few minutes later it opened again. "Kailey get in here!" I walked into the living room. Justin and i looked at each other. He stuck his tongue out at me and i did the same. "Kailey, Justin, come here." Scooter waved us over. We walked over to him. "What?" We asked. "So, you two won't stop fighting and i'm not sure why but we are sick and tired of it. So....I've found a solution." He said. "What is it?" I asked.

"Oh look it's Beyonce!" Ryan yelled. "Where?!" Justin asked. I looked around when i felt something cold and metal around my wrist. I looked at my wrist and a handcuff was on it. Justin looked too. We both started complaining right away. "What is this?!" "What the hell Scooter!!" "Quiet! Look, i know this isn't what you thought but this will get you two to get along."

"What, to be stuck to each other 24/7?? This is not going to work." I said. "Nope. I'm not spending 24/7 with her. Take it off." Justin complained.

"Nope. I won't take it off until you two start to get along. Now bye." He waved and left the room. "Scooter!!" We both yelled. We looked at our wrists and each other.

"Nope. There;s no way. There's no way." I said.

I'm handcuffed to the guy i hate.     

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