All Mine

This is about me and my friends and our boyfriends, In our Sophmore year of college. Wait till you see what happens.....


2. Time To Party!

Ruger kept asking when me and Dawson were gonna get married because we have been together since High School.

We talked all night about the memories of School. When Dawson whispered in my ear " I want you, I havent had you in so long" My face lit up and I made an escuse to leave dragging him out the door.

We went to the house and he sat me on the bed, he unbuttoned my shirt and threw it on the floor. I tugged at his shirt and he helped me rip it off. He took his pants and boxers off while I did the same.

I went to the door and locked it while he went to the dresser to slip his condom on. He slapped my arms down on the bed and jumped on top of me. He lined up and slowly slid into me. I moaned loudly and he copied. He kept a steady beat not going to fast.

"Alaaainnnaaa" he groaned.

"That's my name don't ware it out" I giggled after he pulled out.

He helped me up and pulled me into him wrapping his arms around me to sleep in his arms.


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